My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Episode 8 Recap: The Guild Is Facing a Crisis

In ‘My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999’ episode 8 titled ‘The Guild Is Facing a Crisis!!’ Yamada visits Akane’s store for grocery shopping after informs him about a fun activity that is going on there. When they eventually meet, Yamada wins a cup of ramen after picking a coupon. One of Akane’s colleagues suspects that the two of them are dating and is surprised when she learns that they are just friends. After her shift, Akane reunites with Yamada and gives him a few boxes of home-cooked food. Later that evening, Runa informs her that Yamada has invited a new female member to the guild.

Akane Makes Food For Yamada

While playing FOS with Yamada, Akane learns that he will going shopping for groceries later. Since the store that she works at is currently holding a fun event, she asks him to pay him a visit during her shift. Yamada meets her at the store the following day and two briefly discuss the mundane things in their life. Akane hasn’t met Runa recently, so she asks about her and learns that she is focused on the upcoming exams.

Yamada wins a cup of ramen after picking a coupon. Interestingly, Akane asks him to wait outside the store as her shift is about to be over soon. One of her colleagues notices their conversation and is surprised that the duo is not dating yet. Later when Yamada is walking back home with Akane, the latter hands over a few boxes of home-cooked healthy food to the former. It turns out that Akane had asked him to wait for this reason only. During their walk, Yamada notices that Akane is not well.

Later that evening, Runa meets Akane. She informs her that a new member invited by Yamada will soon be joining the guild. Interestingly, this person is none other than Tsubaki. But Runa is concerned that Akane will end up befriending her and will not be as close as to her as they are now. Akane reassures Runa that this will not happen and also tries to tell her that there is a good chance that three of them will become good friends.

Does Yamada Rescues Akane?

When Runa is having her usual tutoring session with Yamada, she receives a call from Akane. It turns out that Akane’s health has deteriorated to the point that she can no longer play FOS with Runa. Since the situation is out of her hand, Runa is alright with Akane taking a rest. Meanwhile, Yamada is listening to their conversation and Runa tells him that Akane has a severe cold.

At Akane’s apartment, she starts to realize that her condition has only deteriorated and it would only get worse if she does not take action. As she is walking back into her room, she feels so weak that she simply lays face-flat on the floor for a few minutes. But it soon strikes her that no one is going to come and save her if she does not do something. Therefore, Akane gathers all her courage and stands up on his feet.

Since Akane needs more energy to be able to function, she realizes that she should cook something. But as she does not have enough rice, Akane realizes that she should go to the market first. She dresses up and goes out of the apartment. Since Akane does not want to infect others, she decides to avoid public transportation and instead use her bike. While trying to take out her bike, Akane falls on the floor as she is too weak to do anything.

As she struggles to make sense of her surroundings, she sees Yamada handling her bike and trying to help her. Since she has dreamt so many times about him in the past, she is unsure what to make of the situation. Although the episode ends there, Akane is actually not dreaming and is seriously sick. Yamada is going to rescue her by providing her with the medical attention that she needs.

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