My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Season 1 Finale Recap: Does Yamada and Akane End Up Together?

In ‘My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999’ episode 13, titled ‘In the Morning When I Wake Up,’ Yamada meet Yukari, who ends up confessing her feeling for him. Naturally, he informs her that he does not feel the same for her. Meanwhile, Akane goes for dinner with her online friends and ends up getting drunk heavily. Later when Yamada finds her intoxicated, he decides to drop her to her apartment.

Yukari Expresses Her Love For Yamada

Yukari waits for Yamada as she has something important to talk about with him but does not really feel that he will eventually show up. Interestingly, Yamada arrives soon afterward, and Yukari gathers all the courage to finally talk about her feelings. She confesses to him that she has liked him for many years but has kept her feelings to herself, presumably afraid of getting rejected. Yukari knows everything about Yamada and is well aware of the fact that he is in love with someone else.

However, Yukari has come to the conclusion that she should not keep her feelings to herself, which is why she tells him everything. Yamada listens patiently and then tells Yukari that she does not have the same feelings for her. This does not really surprise Yukari, as she is aware of his situation. But getting rejected is naturally hard for her to process, and she walks back home with tears in her eyes. Meanwhile, Akane is getting ready for dinner with her online gaming friends later that evening.

When Akane finally meets Eita, Takezou, and Yuta, they visit a restaurant where Kamota has already booked their seats. Interestingly, Kamota ends up accidentally running into his old friends, who are kind enough to send him and his friends food. Despite being warned, Akane ends up drinking a lot and is dizzy by the time Yamada arrives there. Since she is not in good condition, he decides to take her home.

Does Yamada and Akane End Up Together?

Since Akane is intoxicated and is in no position to go back to her apartment alone, Yamada decides to help her. On their way, he buys her a bottle of water when she complains about dry throat. She finally comes back to her senses at that moment and realizes that she has been too much of a nuisance for Yamada. She apologizes to him for everything, and the two of them walk to her apartment together.

As Yamada is about to leave after making sure Akane has reached her apartment, she asks him if he likes her. Interestingly, Akane has noticed how he has been treating her lately and asks him if he likes her. Yamada does not try to hide his feelings at all and tells her that he has finally been busted. He then finally confesses for the first time that he likes her. He then goes on to reassure Akane that in case she forgets everything that he has said, he will confess his feelings again the next morning.

Akane is still lost in her thoughts, and as Yamada starts to walk back home, she asks him if she can call him when she wakes up the following morning. She fears that she would worry that all of this is just a dream. Yamada hugs Akane when she shares her insecurities and tells her that he will call her the following morning so that she does not have to worry.

In the post-credit scenes, Akane can be seen discussing her relationship with her friends. She is a bit concerned about dating someone younger than her after her friends pointed out that she struggled a bit in a similar kind of relationship. However, Akane continues to feel safe and secure around Yamada, who, despite being absent-minded one some occasions, really pays attention to her. So, in conclusion, yes, Yamada and Akane do end up together in ‘My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999’ season 1 finale.

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