My Son Ending, Explained

Directed by Christian Carion, ‘My Son’ is a thriller-drama film that revolves around Edmond Murray (James McAvoy), who travels to a village in the Scottish Highlands after learning from his former wife, Joan Richmond (Claire Foy), that their son Ethan (Max Wilson) has gone missing. Edmond initially suspects that Frank (Tom Cullen) — the man Joan currently dating — is involved in Ethan’s disappearance, but as the mysteries begin to unravel, he realizes that his son might have been abducted.

Things become further complicated when the authorities in Glasgow and London become interested in Ethan’s disappearance due to Edmond’s work in the petroleum industry. The film is the English-language adaptation of the namesake French film, also directed by Carion. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘My Son.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

My Son Plot Synopsis

The film begins as Edmond arrives in the misty village in the Scottish Highlands and meets up with Joan near the campsite from where Ethan has disappeared. Edmond’s work keeps him away from his estranged family most of the time. Anger and disappointment have seeped into the relationship between Edmond and Joan. While Edmond tries to get past it — knowing that most of the issues between them were caused by him and his job — Joan is yet to forgive him. However, both seem to have moved on. Joan has Frank, while Edmond has been in a relationship with a colleague named Leah for the past five years.

The two terrified parents take part in the search operation for their son. They comb the nearby forest along with police officers and volunteers, but the effort is proven to be unsuccessful. After speaking to Inspector Roy (Gary Lewis), the officer in charge of the investigation, Edmond visits Joan’s rented cottage and discovers Frank is there. As the two men drink whiskey together, Frank’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic. Edmond learns that Frank has given Joan something to relax her. When Edmond thinks Ethan will have no room in the house Frank is planning to build for Joan, he snaps and beats the other man to a pulp.

Although Edmond calls the police claiming that Frank knows something about Ethan’s disappearance, the police arrest him instead. He learns from Roy that Joan has recently suffered a miscarriage, and she and Frank sent Ethan to the camp to deal with their grief. Edmond tries to contact Leah from his phone but can’t reach her. Later, Roy visits him to tell him that he has been removed from the case by his superiors in Glasgow and London, making Edmond realize that he is on his own from now on. Edmond uses Frank’s phone, which he took after beating the other man up, to call Leah. This time, she answers. She tells him that the authorities came to the office earlier in the day and took everything. Before she cuts off the call, Leah tells Edmond never to contact her again.

My Son Ending: Who Kidnapped Ethan? Is Edmond Dead?

While browsing through Frank’s phone, Edmond realizes that Ethan was most likely abducted. He spots the same car in multiple videos and deduces that the people inside the vehicle were keeping an eye on Ethan. And when they found the opportunity, they grabbed him and drove away. He goes to Joan’s house to show her his findings. He is sure if he follows this lead, it will ultimately lead him to Ethan.

He convinces Joan to call her brother, who works for an insurance company, and get all the necessary information about the car. As Edmond is about to leave, Joan tells him that she wants to come with him, prompting him to remind her that at least one of them needs to come out of this ordeal alive so they can take care of Ethan afterward. They decide that if he isn’t back by midday, she will call Roy. Edmond finds the address that Joan’s brother gave them. It’s a white-walled hut that initially seemed to be deserted. Suddenly, Edmond hears a car outside. He sees a man speaking on his phone. Edmond subsequently sneaks up behind the man and knocks him out.

Initially, the man, whose name is William, vehemently denies knowing anything about Ethan, not comprehending that a desperate father will go to any lengths to get his son back. Edmond tortures William until the latter breaks and tells him everything. He reveals that he is part of a child-trafficking gang. He and others like him abduct children and leave them at a property called the Dunmore Lodge, from where his accomplices pick them up.

As Edmond leaves for the Dunmore Lodge, Joan gets tired of waiting and drives to William’s home. She finds William there, unconscious. When she opens the back of his car, she finds an unconscious young girl. At the Dunmore Lodge, Edmond finally finds his son. However, there are three people guarding the young boy. Edmond leaves a message to Joan that he has found their son and asks her to contact Roy.

He knocks out one of the traffickers, and the second one is killed in friendly fire. Edmond grabs an unconscious Ethan and comes across Joan, who has come to the lodge looking for them. As the three of them try to escape, the remaining trafficker shoots at their car, and one of the bullets hits Edmond. He subsequently loses consciousness, and the car veers off the road before stopping.

No, Edmond doesn’t die. Roy arrives soon after and rescues the family. Presumably, Edmond is sent to the hospital after this, and the third trafficker is arrested. Edmond is later seen together with his family, helping Ethan learn how to fly a drone. He is content at this moment but knows that it will not last long as the law is coming for him.

Is Edmond Arrested?

Yes, Edmond is arrested in one of the final scenes of the film. When Roy arrives, Edmond is forced to say goodbye to his family and leave with him. There are hints throughout the film that whatever Edmond’s company has been doing is illegal. After his son’s abduction, he is forced to give his phone to the police, which gives the authorities access to sensitive information about his company.

The government subsequently raids the company’s main office and takes everything. The film’s ending hints that Edmond will be prosecuted for his part in the company’s operations. However, considering he has played a pivotal role in bringing down a child-trafficking gang, the court might show him leniency. And if that happens, he will get to return to his family early.

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