My Tiny Senpai Episode 11 Recap: Can I Give You a Big Hug?’

In ‘Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi’ or ‘My Tiny Senpai’ episode 11 titled ‘Can I Give You a Big Hug?’ Shinozaki gets overwhelmed while preparing for the proposal as he fears that his failure will lead to Akane’s expulsion from the team. Later that day, when he notices that Kurusi is also going through similar problems, he makes sure that his senpai talks to her and makes her feel better about herself. However, when Katase tries to give Kurusi some emotional support, she becomes really defensive.

Shinozaki Feels the Pressure of the Competition

A few days before the final proposal, Shinozaki arrives at the office looking really concerned. When he greets his colleagues, all of them are concerned for him as he does not appear healthy at all. They feel that he is trying too hard. Meanwhile, Shinozaki is really concerned that if he fails to win, then his team will lose their manager but he also cannot tell anyone as he does not want to worry them. So, he keeps his fears to himself and acts as if nothing happened. 

The day as he is walking back to his desk, he notices Kurusi who appears really overwhelmed. It appears the pressure of the competition is taking a toll on her and Shinozaki feels sorry for her. Therefore, he tells Katase-san to have a discussion with Kurusi later that evening and make sure that she feels okay. When Katase goes to meet her, she is very defensive as they are on opposite teams. However, Katase manages to make her feel better by not discussing anything too serious but instead talking about Kurusi’s interest in Meowtaro.

When Kurusi finally opens up, she starts talking about her fears and shows how she is not good at drawing. Katase inspires her to be more honest about her shortcomings and not fear the consequences too much. The following day, Kurusi updates her proposal and shares it with her Senpai. She starts crying after getting honest about her weakness. Her senpai reassures her that she does not need to worry so much and gives her a hug. She then makes sure that Kurusi gets the help she needs. 

Does Shinozaki Win the Annual New Hire Competition?

On the day of the presentation, Kurusi’s Team with Development Group 1 gave the speech before Shinozaki and his colleagues. Although Katase-san is confident that her Kouhai is definitely going to win, she is still quite nervous and waits for his presentation. Hayakawa speaks on Shinozaki’s behalf while he appears on the stage wearing a Meowtaro costume. Their proposal is to come up with new ways to share fun with others, with Meowtaro acting as the super friend. In the strategic meeting, Shinozaki told his colleagues that he wanted people to have someone to share their fun. The Meowtaro does a few impressive tricks on the skateboard in front of the audience. 

The girls in the crowd are in awe of Shinozaki’s brilliance and start cheering for him. Katase-san who was worried about the presentation not going well started to feel a bit uncomfortable with all the female attention her Kohai is getting. The girls surround the Meowtaro and start touching and hugging it, which makes Katase even more concerned. After the presentation, when Meowtaro goes back, she decides to congratulate him on the brilliant proposal. When she asks for a big hug, Katase is shocked to see Shinozaki walking towards her from the opposite direction, which means there is someone else in the Meowtaro costume. It turns out, Shinozaki couldn’t wear the costume because of some last-minute responsibilities.

When Akane finally reveals himself by removing the Meowtaro costume, he naturally starts teasing Katase. The results are announced soon afterward. Shinozaki and Kurusi are both given the excellence award for their proposals but do not win the most valuable new hire award. To everyone’s surprise, Yamagishi who was not even trying to win it in the first place. Kurusi is disappointed by her Senpai reassures her that everything is fine and she is proud of the hard work she put in. 

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