My Tiny Senpai Episode 3 Recap: Is This How I Look to You?

In ‘Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi’ or ‘My Tiny Senpai’ episode 3 titled ‘Is This How I Look to You?’ Akina continues to play a matchmaker for Shinozaki and Shiori, as he shares anecdotes about the early days of the former at the company. Shinozaki later wins two stuffed toys for Shiori, which the latter names after them. Aiko Yamagishi volunteers to design a dating game and in order to come up with new ideas she asks for romantic anecdotes from Hayakawa, Shinozaki, and Shiori. Unfortunately, the three of them have never been in relationship before.

Akina Tries to Bring Shinozaki and Shiori Closer

Just like always, Akina tries to play matchmaker for Shinozaki and Shiori. In order to discuss things with the former, he invites him for dinner. Once they reach the restaurant, Akina tells him about the time he first selected his profile for the interview and told Shiori about it. He recalls that she seemed really excited to have him on board. It turns out that Shiori is sitting at the next table and hears everything that he has said. He asks Akina to not tell Shinozaki such embarrassing details.

During the early days at the office, Shinozaki was quite sincere towards everyone and was eager to give his best. Although everyone appears friendly at first, when he starts working, he notices that Shiori is keeping a close eye on him. Shinozaki feels that she is there to evaluate his performance, which puts him under a lot of pressure. But it turns out that Shiori was just excited that someone was now working under him and wanted to help him in every possible manner.

Later that evening, Shinozaki and Shiori come across a crane game in which one can potentially win stuffed toys for doing well. Shinozaki notices how excited Shiori is so he decides to play and ends up winning two stuffed animals. Interestingly, Shiori names them after her and Shinozaki, which embarrasses the latter.

Who is Hayakawa’s Prince Charming?

One day at the office, Aiko tells Hayakawa, Shinozaki, and Shiori that she has volunteered to design a meowtaro video game. Since it is a dating simulation, she needs feedback from other people so that her work closely imitates life. Therefore, she asks the trio to share some romantic anecdotes so that she can take inspiration from them. Unfortunately, Hayakawa, Shinozaki, and Shiori do not really have any dating experience so they cannot come up with any compelling stories that would be useful to Aiko.

All of a sudden, Shinozaki recalls that Hayakawa had told him about running into her prince charming when she came for the job interview at Sunpick. Hayakawa feels embarrassed when he suddenly brings up the topic and is initially hesitant to tell the tale. But then she explains how her footwear was broken shortly before the interview and she had no idea what to do in the scenario. A stranger came to her aid and glued her footwear, which allowed her to focus.

Later, she found out that the man was actually one of her interviewers. However, what Hayakawa did not tell anyone was the fact that this prince charming was actually Akina. When she is asked about her current impression of the mysterious guy, Hayakawa indirectly alludes to the fact that she is not interested in him at all. Sadly, Aiko also has no dating experience so far so she cannot add much to the overall conversation as well and the short meeting barely helps her.

Later that day, Shiori looks at the stuffed animals that she has named after herself and Shinozaki. When one of them ends up on top of the other, she imagines getting closer to Shinozaki in the same manner. But then she forces herself to come back to her senses and puts the stuffed animals in their proper positions so that she does not have any more lewd thoughts.

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