My Tiny Senpai Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi’ or ‘My Tiny Senpai’ episode 6 titled ‘I Can’t Resist My Instincts!’ Takuma has dreams about Shiori, while his boss strangely offers him advice to avoid overthinking about them. Interestingly, Akina even helps Hayakawa complete her manuscript. Yutaka notices that Takuma has been acting strangely and decides to find the reason behind it. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘My Tiny Senpai’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD!

My Tiny Senpai Episode 6 Recap

Takuma sees Shiori in his dream wearing a provocative Christmas outfit and ordering him to distribute gifts. He suddenly wakes up as things heat up a little between them. For some strange reason, Akina texts him at the exact same moment that he does not worry about the dream. The following day at work, Takuma and Shiori learn that Hayakawa needs someone’s help to complete her manuscript that she has been working on for a while. Interestingly, Akina offers to help with the art side of things and it turns out that he has some experience as well.

Hayakawa and Akina later team up and complete the manuscript in time. They later even try to sell it during a festival, where Hayakawa’s friend suspects that Akina is her boyfriend. On new year’s Day, Shiori finally gathers the courage to call Takuma and thanks him for everything he has done. The two promise to keep collaborating at work in the new year as well. Meanwhile, Yutaka has been noticing her brother closely for a while now and realizes that he has changed a lot. She feels that she needs to find the truth as soon as possible. Interestingly, Akina advises Takuma to meet Shiori at a shrine named Hatsumode.

My Tiny Senpai Episode 6 Ending: Does Yutaka Meet Shiori?

Yutaka has noticed that her brother has been acting strangely lately and decides to find out the reason behind his behavior. She is pretty confident that he has found a girlfriend. Therefore, she tries to figure out the truth by asking a few questions to him. Yutaka talks to her brother and tells him that she needs to ask him a few questions. She first enquires which animal he would prefer to pet if he met on a street and gives him three options: a dog, a sexy female cougar, and a cute little kitten. Takuma is immediately startled as the kitten reminds him of his wild dreams. He then picks the kitten and his sister concludes that the girl he is probably dating is probably a kitten type.

Yutaka is not done yet and questions further. She plays with Takuma’s imagination and makes him answer how the kitten is behaving according to him. He immediately recalls Shiori and tells her that she is fluffy, meow-meow-ey, and smiley. Yutaka is able to figure out what his brother’s girl is probably like in person from his response. The following day, Takuma visits the shrine where he meets Shiori and his other colleagues. Unbeknownst to him, his sister has been following him until now. Takuma is amazed to see Shiori in the traditional dress and can’t take his eyes off her.

When Yutaka sees her from a distance, she immediately recognizes Shiori as her brother’s girl. Instead of trying to introduce herself to her, she just uses the opportunity to directly hug her from behind. Shiori is naturally startled as Yutaka praises her for her looks and claims that she is the cutest. The manager then tells her that she is actually Takuma’s sister. Shiori is extremely happy to meet her and expresses her gratitude as Takuma has been of great help at work according to her. Yutaka is impressed by Shiori’s kindness as well and hugs her one more time.

While Takuma panics and tries to calm his sister, she continues to shower love at his senpai. Meanwhile, the manager also joins in and mentions that the two of them are really compatible with each other. Then when he learns that Yutaka would like a little sister, he goes as far as saying that she could get one if Takuma just marries Shiori. Takuma tries to clarify things and make Shiori understand that his sister is just like that. But all of a sudden the duo is startled when they are questioned by Akina and Yutaka about their preference for their speaker at the wedding.

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