My Tiny Senpai Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi’ or ‘My Tiny Senpai’ episode 8 titled ‘Isn’t It Time for Good Boys to Go to Sleep?’ Hayakawa convinces Katase, Shinozaki, and Akane to go on a trip with her. During their vacation, Shinozaki tries to help her senpai learn how to swim but the duo end up in an awkward situation. Katase vows to get her honor back in Shinozaki’s eyes but things take even worse turn when she gets drunk during the dinner. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘My Tiny Senpai’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD!

My Tiny Senpai Episode 8 Recap

After the vacation, Hayakawa expresses her desire to go on a trip to a place with a hot spring. It turns out that she wants to enjoy herself as she couldn’t do so during the break. She convinces Katase that it would be a good idea and the two decide to use the paid leave as their option to travel. Interestingly, Akane and Shinozaki also end up joining them for their trip. Later that month, they arrive at the inn with the hot spring. All of them are quite excited about their travel plans. 

When it’s finally time to take a plunge into the pool, Shiori hesitates and reveals that she had an accident in childhood which scares her. Shinozaki is kind enough to try and teach her the basics of swimming but ends up almost drowning when he gets a leg cramp. Shiori shows immense courage to save him but in the struggle, Shinozaki ends up pulling down her bra. This leads to an awkward situation and the two cannot face each other until much later in the night. 

My Tiny Senpai Episode 8 Ending: Why Does Shinozaki Get Embarrassed at the Inn?

After taking a bath in the hot spring, Shiori had made up her mind that she would regain her honor in front of her Kohai. She is quite determined to this end but it all turns out to be a useless exercise as she ends up getting very drunk at the dinner table. Katase could barely be in control of her senses after that. Although Hayakawa and Akane are right there, she does not pay much to them. She not only flirts with her Kohai but tries to get really close to him. Katase goes so far that it makes even the manager and her friend feel embarrassed. Since they feel they should not be there, the duo leave the dinner table together after making the excuse that they have to go and take the bath again.

In the meantime, Shinozaki knows that they are deliberately leaving him alone with Katase. He tries to take things in control but his efforts barely bear any fruit. Katase even makes him sit on his lap and flosses her teeth. Although he is embarrassed, Shinozaki is glad that no one is there to see what is happening. When it’s finally time to sleep, the two go to bed together. Naturally, Shiori is in no mood to let him be by himself even for a moment. She continues to make moves on him and ends up getting on top of him at one point. 

Shinozaki realizes that if Akane or Hayakawa walk in and see them in that awkward position, they would really make awkward assumptions about him. Therefore, he takes Shiori and sits in the closet. Interestingly, he predicts everything accurately as Akane and Hayakawa arrive in the room moments later. It turns out that Hayakawa needs something from her bag. Although Shinozaki is trying to keep quiet, Shiori in her drunken stupor continues to tease him. This eventually draws the attention of their friends towards the closet.

Luckily, Akane or Hayakawa do not check the closet and leave soon afterward. Shinozaki somehow manages to get Shiori out without any injuries. As he is about to talk to her, he notices that she has fallen asleep on the floor. He decides to move her to the bed, but she ends up holding and pulling him closer to her. As Shinozaki is on top of Katase, Akane, and Hayakawa walk into the room with the inn manager as they had suspected something was wrong with the closet. They see their colleagues in a compromising position and start teasing Shinozaki. 

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