My Tiny Senpai Episode 7 Recap: You Sure You Don’t Want One?

In ‘Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi’ or ‘My Tiny Senpai’ episode 7 titled ‘You Sure You Don’t Want One?’ Yutaka and Akane continue to hope that Takuma and Shiori end up together. After the holidays, Takuma is approached by Ishiyama for some work, but it turns out that the assignment is not really his responsibility. Although Shiori takes a stand for her Kohai, he later tries to use the same trick on Hayakawa and ends up making her do overtime. 

Akane Helps Hayakawa

At the shrine, Takuma and Shiori start exploring the gathering together. That’s when they find a girl who needs help and work together to make sure that she feels safe. Yutaka and Akane watch the duo together and make up an imaginary scenario of the duo having their own daughter in the future. After the holiday, Shiori and Takuma return to the office. When they meet for the first time, Shiori feels that she is now much taller than before.

Unfortunately, it is later revealed that she is just wearing boots. Takuma is later approached by Ishiyama from the Public Relations department who wants him to do some assignments that are not authorized by his senpai. Just when he is about to get convinced, Shiori arrives at the scene and takes a stand for her Kohai. However, Ishiyama does the same thing with Hayakawa later that day and she ends up doing overtime.

When Akane notices her working so late, he naturally enquires as the manager and learns the truth. He tells her not to do any favors for someone from now and promises to talk to Ishiyama about the same. Akane later takes Hayakawa for dinner where the two discuss each other’s love life. Interestingly, they meet Yutaka there and end up having a great time together. 

How Does Yutaka Bring Shiori And Takuma Closer? 

One Sunday, Takuma wakes up thinking that his body appears to be really heavy and suspects that he might have an episode of sleep paralysis. But it turns out that Yutaka is actually sitting on top of him to wake up as she wants more photos of Shiori. Ever since she got to know her, Takuma’s sister has been obsessed with his senpai and wants his brother to end up together with her. But unlike her, Takuma is not that straightforward when it comes to his feelings and has yet to make a move. Interestingly, he does not even have photos of Shiori on his phone.

Takuma recalls the moment when he exchanged contact with Shiori and feels that he would also love to have her pictures. But he is not sure if it is appropriate for him to ask for it. While he is busy thinking, Yutaka snatches his phone from his hands and texts Shiori that he misses her and wants to have a photo of her so that he can see her anytime he wants. When she tells them that she sent a message to his senpai, Takuma panics as he is not even aware of what he wrote. 

Meanwhile, Shiori struggles to believe that she received such a message from Takuma. She goes to take a bath and is prepared to send him a photo. But by the time she returns, Takuma has already apologized to her and clarified that it was actually his sister who sent her that message. Shiori finally realizes that this scenario makes way more sense than Takuma asking for photos, as he is always too reserved and shy. Interestingly, Shiori replies and asks Kohai if he is sure that he does not want her photo.

Now, it is Takuma’s turn to make the move and he naturally panics unable to handle the pressure. He instructs his sister to apologize. Yutaka does listen to his brother but also sends several photos of his brother to Shiori. The following day, Takuma returns to the office concerned about what his senpai might think of him now. To his surprise, he meets her on the street and she seems quite normal. Interestingly, she suggests that they should take a photo together so that there won’t be any need to ask for individual pics. The manager is hiding in the bushes and pounces at the chance to take their photo together. 

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