My Wife and Kids: Where Was the Sitcom Filmed?

Created by Don Reo and Damon Wayans, ‘My Wife and Kids’ is a beloved sitcom that revolves around the Kyle family, led by patriarch Michael Kyle (Damon Wayans). The show centers on the humorous antics of the Kyle family and their everyday challenges. Michael Kyle is a businessman who has set aside lofty career goals in favor of spending more time with his family. He is a loving husband and father with a unique parenting style that often leads to comedic situations. His wife, Jay, is the perfect counterpart, focused on climbing the career ladder and balancing out Michael’s quirks at home. The couple navigates the ups and downs of married life while raising their three children: the materialistic and fashion-conscious Claire, the academically inclined but socially awkward Junior, and the youngest, the adorable and mischievous Kady.

The show treats us to relatable family scenarios and settings, from the parents coming to terms with their children’s romantic lives to managing their own relationships over time. We follow the Kyles through their daily lives centering around their home, community, workplaces, and even on vacations. The family’s heartwarming moments coupled with their impeccable backdrops may spark curiosity regarding the show’s real-world shooting locations.

My Wife and Kids Filming Locations

‘My Wife and Kids’ was filmed almost entirely on location around Los Angeles, and in Walt Disney Studios, with a few of its episodes being lensed in Hawaii and the Bahamas. Principal photography began on its pilot episode in November 2000; subsequent episodes began filming in January 2001 and continued until its conclusion in February 2005. Let us take a closer look at the locations used to create the sitcom.

Los Angeles, California

While the show’s plot is set in Connecticut, the actual filming locations are in and around Los Angeles. The production team skillfully utilized various neighborhoods, studios, and outdoor locations to portray the suburban ambiance needed for the series. Facilities at Walt Disney Studios allowed for the creation of the Kyle family home, which was actually located at 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank. The studio was utilized for its versatile interiors, which were the site of most of the show’s central setting of the Kyle home. The exterior shots of their suburban neighborhood were typically filmed on location in residential areas around Los Angeles, chosen to evoke the feel of a typical American suburb.

Having Los Angeles as a filming location is a common practice in the television industry, especially for sitcoms, due to the city’s abundance of production facilities, experienced crews, and versatile landscapes that can stand in for various settings. While the show may transport viewers to the fictional world of the Kyle family in Connecticut, the real charm of ‘My Wife and Kids’ comes from the relatable suburban atmosphere crafted by the show’s creative team within the bustling backdrop of Los Angeles.

The Bahamas

‘My Wife and Kids’ featured an exciting change of scenery with a few episodes of season 5 filmed in the beautiful island country of The Bahamas. These episodes provided a refreshing contrast to the typical suburban setting of the show. The Bahamas, with its stunning beaches, clear blue waters, and vibrant tropical landscapes, served as the perfect backdrop for the Kyle family’s vacation escapades.

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The Bahamas’ diverse locations range from historic towns with colonial architecture to secluded isles surrounded by crystal-clear waters. Its natural splendor is complemented by a film-friendly atmosphere, with a government supportive of the industry. This tropical haven has also provided a captivating backdrop for ‘Holiday in the Sun,’ ‘Two Much,’ and ‘The Other Woman.’


The film crew ventured to Hawaii to shoot the first few episodes of season 3, marking a notable departure from its typical setting. Hawaii’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant atmosphere served as an excellent backdrop for the Kyles’ vacation, which unfortunately starts with Michael’s luggage getting lost. The Pacific island’s breathtaking beauty lends itself to the romantic moments between Michael and Jay, and Kyle Jr.’s date with a native girl, Leilani. The beaches of Hawaii also feature in productions like ‘Growing Pains,’ and ‘Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.,’ and ‘Gilligan’s Island.’

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