Nahuel Bargaz: Generation Zoe Trader is Still a Financial Analyst Today

With Netflix’s ‘Illusions for Sale: The Rise and Fall of Generation Zoe’ living up to its title in every way conceivable, we get a documentary that can only be described as baffling and intriguing. After all, it incorporates not just archival footage but also exclusive interviews to really shine a light upon the way this titular spiritual coaching network was actually just a hollowing pyramid scheme. Amongst those to thus be featured in this original was actually Generation Zoe’s financial trader Nahuel Bargaz, who wasn’t particularly scammed by the firm but genuinely thinks it could’ve all been a lie.

Who is Nahuel Bargaz?

It was reportedly back when Nahuel was just a young boy growing up in Buenos Aires that he first developed a super keen interest in cars, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. The truth is he actually used to work in the automotive industry at first, having his own repair shop at a service station, but things changed during the pandemic as he became passionate about finance. “A friend of mine began talking to me about investments, the world of cryptocurrencies, and honestly, there was a lot I didn’t understand,” he conceded in the film. “So I started studying it, and that’s when I rediscovered my love for learning and got into the trading world.”

Nahuel then added, “By word of mouth, it started spreading all over town that there was some sort of investment fund that also had traders. They were all being trained while they were working there.” He then came to find out the organization was Generation Zoe, so he applied to be a part of their workforce in the hopes it would grant him the opportunity to grow as an analyst, capitalist, plus trader.

“The place felt calm and balanced, and the offices were really well thought-out,” Nahuel, who was actually quickly hired, later said. “… I was finally working in a place where I could utilize what I had studied, I could help people capitalize on profits, and I could expand my trading expertise. And really, after that, everything just flowed. The first thing that they did when we got there was take the initiative to test our abilities. Their idea was to see how well we were able to follow some instructions from someone who was an expert trader.”

As per Nahuel, employees could obtain several perks if they did well, including working with significant capital under the firm’s own securities sect, Zoe Broker, and monetary/materialistic rewards. However, he now knows that everything he saw on Zoe Broker was merely a stimulation — there was no way any investor could withdraw the benefits that were being illustrated on his screen as a trader.

Where is Nahuel Bargaz Now?

From what we can tell, although a native of San Nicolás de los Arroyos in Buenos Aires, Nahuel currently resides in Villa María, where he’s proud to still be serving as a Financial Merchandise Analyst. This former automotive repairman is actually the CEO of Analista de Mercados (translation: Merchandise Analyst) too, which is an educational service on how one can gather, read, and analyze merchandise data. As for his personal life, well, it appears as if he prefers to keep that well away from the spotlight at the moment.

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