Nailed It Season 4: Where Are the Winners Now?

Netflix’s ‘Nailed It!’ is a bake-off television series known for adding a bit of fun and humor to the cooking elements. Each episode brings three eager amateur bakers looking to showcase their abilities to the judges, hoping to wow them. Of course, the ‘Nailed It!’ trophy and the $10,000 are an added incentive. Season 4 of the series premiered in 2020, and eight cracking episodes produced eight equally promising baking enthusiasts. While some time has passed since the season wrapped up, fans must be wondering about the current whereabouts of each winner of the season.

Andrew “Fish” Fischer Has Recently Embraced Fatherhood

Andrew “Fish” Fischer was the first winner to kick-start the fourth season. The video game designer and consultant has more than ten years of experience in the gaming industry with Fantasy Flight Games and has been responsible for developing an array of games, including miniatures, board games, digital games, and tabletop RPGs. Since June 2021, he has been working as a Game Design Director with Earthborne Games, a studio that looks to create sustainable and principal gaming experiences.

He also provides independent consultancy services. On the personal front, Andrew married Samantha Thi Porter on February 26, 2022. The couple welcomed their son, Wyatt Vinh Quang Fischer, on October 24, 2023. Andrew has a YouTube channel where he discusses the intricacies of some of his games, but it has been quite some time since the account has been updated. He also blogs about his games for those looking to understand the complexities of creating successful experiences. His social media is a picture book showcasing the games he designs, his life in the studio, his family, and their mischievous pet dog, Finn.

Whitney Martin Has Been on a Career High

Whitney Martin, the journalist from Greater Rockford, Illinois, is the winner of episode 2. After acing her ‘The One with the 90’s Theme’ cake, Whitney returned to her former successful career as an Assistant News Director and Morning Show Anchor with WTVO-TV Channel. While she has chosen to focus on her professional life, Whitney has been remarkably discreet about her personal world. She ensures that the limelight surrounding her is consistent with her work and nothing beyond that.

Stephanie Marie Blannett is a Mental Health Therapist

Stephanie Marie Blannett is the winner of episode 4, ‘Chariots of Failure.’ The therapist is currently associated with quite a few organizations. While she has been a licensed social worker at Saint Francis Health System since January 2020, she has also been working with Bucks Support Services, Newtown & Buckingham, PA, as a licensed therapist since August 2021. As of January 2024, Stephanie has started serving as a freelance licensed mental health therapist. Like several of her contemporaries, she is also reserved regarding matters related to her family. This is why she prefers to keep her social media activity private.

Glennia Elijah Has Kept Her Personal Life Private

Glennia Elijah was a part of the ‘Jungle Bungle’ episode. Rachel Fong was the guest judge, and the Quality Control Manager from Charlotte, North Carolina, was able to win over the judge’s heart through her baking skills. Since then, Glennia has gone a little off the radar. While she continues to work with the Charlotte Area Transportation System, she has preferred to stay completely away from social media. As Glennia has no social media presence, it isn’t clear where she currently is with regard to her personal life. However, we would like to believe that she is doing well for herself, irrespective of where she may be.

Inocente “Chimi” Freeman Has Been Fighting to Get Her Family Justice

Inocente “Chimi” Freeman is the winner of episode 6. The fun-loving, goofy girl has been working on a small business of creating beautiful beaded earrings and hats. Chimi married her husband Cole in 2019, and the couple is quite cute together, as is evident from the pictures they share of each other. On the personal front, Chimi was struck by a grave tragedy when four members of her family, including her mother, Maria Nunez, younger brother, Emery Iese, uncle, Raymond Williams, and his girlfriend, Natasha Brincefield, were shot dead in Tacoma’s Salishan in 2021.

Since then, she has been fighting to get her family justice and closure, even as the case gets dismissed due to the man charged with the shootings being declared mentally incompetent. As of now, the case is set to go on trial on February 29, 2024. To add to the pain, her husband Chris was also diagnosed with cancer, as was shared by Chimi in a social media post in December 2023, where she requested everyone to pray for him. However, according to a reply she gave to a friend, it seems like Chris is now on the road to recovery.

Sandra Hardeman is Focused on Her Family and Professional Life

Sandra Hardeman and her son, Seth, were part of episode 7, titled ‘The Big Bake Theory.’ The close-knit family of 5 has been doing quite well ever since. In her professional life, Sandra took on a new role. While she left her job at Alexandria City Public Schools in 2021, she took over as the Chief People and Talent Officer at Prince William County Service Authority in March 2022. As of August 2023, Sandra is associated with Fairfax County Public Schools as their Executive Director of Human Resources. The Hardeman family has also started selling H5 Healthy Hair, which is designed to cater to all types of hair textures and has been inspired by the different hair types each member of the Hardeman family has.

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