Narayah Santi: Former Garden Member is Now a Digital Content Creator

Given the number of individuals who are featured in Max’s ‘The Garden: Commune or Cult,’ viewers get the chance to see the commune known as The Garden from multiple perspectives. One person whose time in the group was far from simple was Narayah Santi. Having newly joined the commune, she had to overcome a lot of animosity that was focused on her by some of the older members. Having played a unique part in the events that unfolded in the show, Narayah now has the world curious about what she has been up to these days.

Who is Narayah Santi?

Seen in the Max series as a newly inducted member of The Garden, Narayah Santi had to overcome the suspicious gaze of many of the already existing members of the commune. One of the reasons why she was suspected so much seemed to be the fact that the older members of the group were unhappy about the negative attention that the group had received due to TikTok a couple of years prior. As such, they were cautious about just who their newest member might be.

The fact that Narayah liked to record what was happening around her apparently also did not sit well with people like Jack “Tree” Forester. She also felt like her personal belongings, like her diary and phone, were being handled by people without her permission, which counted as serious invasions of privacy. As time went on, the tensions between Narayah and some of the other members of the commune, like Tree and Vibe, only increased, though she was also on good terms with the others.

Interestingly, when Narayah was very new to The Garden and first seen in the show, she seemed quite excited to share her skills with the group she had joined recently. She brought a lot of items from her own side to hopefully help the commune. “Starting a new land project, you need lots of tools,” she explained while referring to the stuff that she brought along. “I don’t even know what some of this stuff is.” From wanting to give others haircuts to believing them to be active members of a cult, Naray’s perception of the commune changed significantly over the course of season 1 of the show.

Where is Narayah Santi Now?

Narayah Santi had been the owner of a cosmetology business for about six years, but she has since left that life behind. As for writing, she seems steady on a path of sustainable living that is full of positive energy and love for others. She has also been happy to promote the show on social media, but it seems obvious that she has not let go of her misgivings about The Garden or, at the very least, her treatment within the commune.

Primarily active on TikTok, the reality TV star has been more than open about her feelings for the commune she was once a part of and has been creating content about the same. Her posts are primarily focused on the group and have helped her earn many supporters. Many in the public have been on Narayah’s side over the dispute she found herself during her time on the show. She herself has been quite thankful for all the love she has received and seems happy to live life the way she wants.

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