Tyler Covington: Former The Garden Member is Now an Actor

Max’s ‘The Garden: Commune or Cult’ provides viewers access to how the commune known as The Garden is perceived by those who have been related to the group in one way or another. For Tyler Covington, the comune seemed to provide a valuable opportunity to learn some valuable lessons when it comes to surviving harsh conditions should the world become a worse place. However, his time on the show was far from an easy one and has prompted the audience to wonder what he has been up to since he left The Garden behind him.

Who is Tyler Covington?

Hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Tyler Covington is a graduate of Ooltewah High School, having completed his schooling in 2007. He went on to join Jacksonville State University in 2010 and remained there until 2012 while pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Psychology. He also studied at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to gain his Bachelor of Science degree (class of 2011).

While on the show, Tyler explained that his reason for joining the off-grid commune known as The Garden was rooted in his desire to gain skills that would help him protect his family. “I might not be in the best shape that I used to be. I feel heavy. I feel kinda mopey. I gotta get my old self back, ’cause this world’s going to hell in a handbasket in a hurry,” Tyler shared. The Tennessee resident seemed to believe that the “end of times” was coming near, which is why he wanted to be prepared to save himself and his family from the adversities that may lie ahead.

According to Tyler, he used to be an “outdoorsman” who would climb and fish, and he hoped to get back to that shape and relearn the crucial survival skills. “I’ve gotten way out of shape. I’ve kinda gotten complacent. And the way that this world’s going, these are real-life scenarios,” Tyler told his family while trying to explain just why he was going away to join The Garden. His firm belief that the world was coming to an end did not seem that serious to some of his family members, but he insisted that he needed to go out and learn the necessary skills in order to protect those who depended on him.

However, Tyler’s time with the commune, where he was given the nickname “Oak,” was far from a simple one. The Tennessee native did not get along with everyone and found the skills taught by the commune members to be lacking. He could not understand why he needed to learn how to dig pits for defecating when he could be learning how to hunt and attack. Ultimately, he ended up leaving the commune when some of the members expressed discontent about his words about them, while he himself felt that he was being deliberately ignored and discriminated against.

Where is Tyler Covington Now?

As of writing, Tyler Covington seems to be living a good life in Chattanooga. The reality TV cast member is married to Courtney Covington. He is a proud father of four girls, the youngest of whom is named Annsley, along with a daughter called Lily. “I live with four daughters, and I have one wife. So, I’m outnumbered five to one,” Tyler stated when talking about his family, adding that he lives in a “sea of estrogen.” However, he seems more than content with his family, whom he claimed he would do anything for so as to protect them.

Since January 2015, Tyler has been working as a Life Insurance Agent for Senior Select Insurance Group, apparently under the guidance of his father, Rob. However, Tyler’s main passion seems to be the art of acting, and he is affiliated with The Newton Agency for the same. He became interested in the field when the shooting of ‘42‘ took place near his home, and he auditioned to be a ballplayer in it alongside his friend Jake Sharrock. Since then, he has appeared in projects like ‘Ozark,’ ‘Day Shift,’ ‘Traffickers,’ etc.

Tyler has also been affiliated with The Covenant Group Insurance and Financial Services since August 2020. He is also a Senior Business Analyst- Business Development for SMS Consulting and became the Marketing Manager of HomeCraft Gutter Protection in July 2023. Additionally, he founded Six Oaks Home and Design on May 8, 2023, and is currently serving as the company’s CEO. Given his varied professional ventures, it is safe to say that Tyler is a man of many skills.

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