Review: Narcos Mexico S02 E07

Business is about the gamble. You make decisions, you take risks, and then you hope they turn out the way you want them too. Felix Gallardo has been doing the same. He comes up with one ingenious plan after another. When all seems to be going bad for him, he comes up with another trick to not only get himself out of a bad situation but also makes new friends in the process.

In the previous season, we saw the magic of planning. But this season, his radar has gone haywire. His plans are bolder and riskier, but he also has even more to lose. From what we currently see, he looks like on the losing end of it. How long before he has nothing left to gamble?

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

After sacrificing Cochiloco to maintain peace with Tijuana, Palma decides that he has had enough of Felix’s orders. He calls Acosta and talks to him about the possibility of separating from the Federation. However, their phones have been tapped and the entire conversation is forwarded to Felix. Angered by the conspiracy behind his back, he makes a harsh decision that leads to bloodshed. He also discovers a way to fix the next Presidential elections in his favour.

Meanwhile, Walt Breslin receives a tip about a woman who has information about Felix’s operations. Expecting nothing out of it, he arrives at the rendezvous point. The one he meets with turns out to be a surprising person and takes him to one of the top-tiered plaza members to chalk out a plan. While Breslin makes a deal on one end, we find one of his trusted men working against him.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 7 Review

With only three more episodes left in the season, a shift has started to appear in the dynamics of ‘Narcos: Mexico’. Felix Gallardo is desperate to rebuild his repertoire with the government. He needs protection, and with the increasing unrest in the plaza, this is not the time for him to appear weak. It is time for him to take drastic actions, and yet again, we find him turning on the people who have been in a longstanding relationship with him.

In order to keep Benjamin quiet, Felix had to bow down to the demands of Tijuana plaza and allowed them to kill Cochiloco, a man he had known for the better part of two decades. This shook his relations with Sinaloa plaza, and Palma started to think about getting out of Felix’s shadow. It did not sit well with the boss and a price had to be paid. Acosta, nudged by his girlfriend, takes another drastic step that has the power to topple the entire system created by Felix.

The policy of divide and rule has been working pretty well, by far. Out of the three plazas that were the cornerstones of the Guadalajara cartel, two have already turned to dust. The one that remains is only waiting for an opportunity to take over everything. Another thing we should not forget is the booming business of Isabella and Enedina. While all of the men are caught up in rivalries and bloodlust, the duo has come up with a system that serves them very well. The fall of Felix will be another win for them, which makes them yet another one in the line waiting for a blunder to occur.

The attack on Palma might not send out the desirable message. Other plazas could take it as another sign of weakness, and as we have seen before, the open territory of Sinaloa might attract predators. Of all the backstabbing that Felix has done all this time, it only makes sense that he, too, should go down the same way. A number of references have already been made to Rome and Julius Caesar, and in this episode, the show might have given us a hint of who will potentially play the coveted role of Brutus.

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