Review: Narcos Mexico S02 E08

As we inch closer to the finale, we see that the tables have turned entirely. At the beginning of the season, Felix was alone. He could trust no one, everything was coming apart around him. The people he thought he could count on betrayed him, and with the DEA close on his heels, he was advised to go into hiding until all the mess blows over. But he chose not to run away. He knew it would be taken as a sign of weakness, and the moment he went into hiding, the vultures would come out to tear apart his empire, brick by brick. It was a fight or flight situation, and he chose to stay.

On the other hand, the DEA was on a roll. They got three people to talk, one of whom implicated not just Felix Gallardo but also other high-ranking officials of the Mexican government. There was a setback, but with some help from both sides of the border, Walt Breslin succeeding in knocking over more pieces of Felix’s camp and with Acosta ready to talk, it seemed like he had everything he could want to bring this case to an end. But everything takes a backflip and the situation changes for Felix and Walt.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

It is the day of the elections and time for Felix to work on his trick. Cardenas appears to be winning everywhere but the trick with SNIPE works. However, the opponents have their eyes on PRI and they realise that the system is being tinkered with. Before his plans could come to fruition, the system is shut down. While his deal with the government hangs in a balance, Felix has to figure out some other way for the party to win the election.

Walt Breslin looks for Acosta, who has given a controversial interview. FBI has teamed up with MexFeds, looking for the narco. Walt tries to save Acosta for his deal, but there are bigger forces at play.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 8 Review

With the next Presidential Elections on the way, there is no escape for Felix. If Cardenas wins, he and other narcos are done for. If the other guy wins, Don Juan is completely protected while there are no promises made for him. Still, his deal had been with PRI and he needs it to continue. Once again, he has to figure out what it is that they need. And the answer is presented to him in the most unexpected form.

How exactly is Felix Gallardo still El Padrino of the Guadalajara cartel is, yet again, answered in this episode. He is under immense pressure. Just in this episode, he is asked twice, by two organisations that can smash him to smithereens, to not fuck up. He bit more than he can chew, and if one thing doesn’t work out, the other will fall apart completely. Any other person would have packed their bags and left long ago. But not Felix Gallardo.

The turn of events in ‘Se Cayó El Sistema’ shows us that the protagonist of this story is ready to take on the next challenge. All the problems had been dumped on him all at once, and there are only so many places that he could be at once to take care of everything. He could either solve the feud of Tijuana and Sinaloa, or he could take care of the Colombians. He chose to work on the bigger picture, and now that part is over with, he will turn his attention towards other problems, which spells problem for Walt Breslin.

Acosta is dead and Calderoni seems to be playing his own game. The only headstart that they had on the planes is gone. Breslin has one opportunity to create havoc for Felix, but it won’t be so easy now that Felix has one less item on his agenda. Unbeknownst to Breslin, one wild card might still show up. He just has to hope it shows up on time.

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