Review: Narcos Mexico S02 E09

There is a saying about “when you’ve hit rock bottom.” Walt Breslin might need it, but Felix Gallardo won’t. In its penultimate episode, ‘Narcos: Mexico’ clears the slate for both the characters. The question is where will they go from here now? In the last episode, we saw a change in the fortune for Felix. Going back home brought a lot of things in perspective for him, while presenting him a solution to his problem.

He added his genius in the mix and with one stroke, not only saved himself and his Federation but also brought his plazas together. He aims to repeat the success in ‘Growth, Prosperity and Liberation’, but a lot of people are rooting against him.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Tonight’s the night. Felix Gallardo is to move seventy tons of cocaine for the Colombians. This is the decision he had to make at a time when his organisation was breaking down and was about to go broke. He had hoped to handle things differently, but with Pacho sitting in front of him and Don Juan nowhere to be seen, he had to jump on the spot and he asked for more cocaine. And he got it, right at the time when he was in another delicate situation. How is this man even alive under this much pressure, one wonders!

Anyway, with Amado’s help, the planes are bought, runways are readied and the shipment arrives. Walt Breslin had his eyes on the whole things and he had been waiting for this moment. If they destroy the shipment, Felix will be in so much trouble that no scheme of his would get him out of it. But can they pull it off?

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 9 Review

In this season, ‘Narcos: Mexico’ has given us twists and turns. It has shown us the seemingly impossible schemes of its protagonists. We have seen their plans work and we have also witnessed them fail. There has been backstabbing and conspiring and whatnot. But all the while, the drama has unfolded in front of us at a very controlled pace. But in, what is the shortest episode of the season, the show delivers us the most exciting one.

So much has happened with both, Walt and Felix, that we know how desperate they are for a win. We also know that this is a decisive episode for both of them. One of them will be thrown out of the game for good, which means the stakes have never been higher for any of them. The episode maintains this sense of urgency and with a reduced time span, it becomes more focused on the one event that will change everything.

This entire season has played out like a chess game. In the beginning, it looked like Walt Breslin had it figured out. He took it one move at a time and it worked for him. More than halfway through, he was winning, wonderfully. But, one wrong move and his situation changed drastically. He loses one important piece on the board, and it costs him everything.

On the other hand, Felix does what he is best at. Despite becoming the boss of bosses, he is still the underdog that no one roots for. He is also at a precarious position where if anything goes wrong, he’ll have to pay for it, and even if everything goes right, he has to continuously watch his back. And yet, he finds a way out of anything and everything. His patience keeps him in the game, if not helping him win it.

Now that we are at the end of this season, Felix has the upper hand. In another bold, and risky, move, he not only cleared up a number of his problems but also showed everyone why he is the boss. After the exciting, nail-biter of an episode, we look forward to finding out how the season is brought to an end.

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