Review: Narcos Mexico S02 E01

‘Salva El Tigre’. Save the tiger. In its premiere, the second season of ‘Narcos: Mexico‘ sets the stage for the war that was promised to us in the finale of season one. Felix Gallardo proved himself to be the tiger who can’t be defeated. Using all kinds of tricks and tactics to establish his empire, he had to face trouble from every end.

First, it was the unification of the plazas, to bring those people together who were each other’s sworn enemies. Then, it was to get the government on his side; he managed to do that too. He had to face the lousy character of people close to him (looking at you Rafa), and in the end, it came down to Kiki Camarena, who had been poking his nose around for so long that he finally got the whiff of the marijuana as well as the white powder that had brought the Colombians to him.

There were times when it looked like Felix would lose it all. There were too many forces against him. In the end, however, he managed to beat all odds. But that was the easy part. Now, there is no one that he can trust. All the people that come to his house to celebrate his 40th birthday are not his friends but his potential murderers. They all have knives and guns pointed at him, and the moment he lets his guard down, they’ll all stab and shoot.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 1 Recap/Review

Season 2 starts with the DEA sending Walt Breslin to Mexico to make a case against Felix Gallardo. To do that, he traces back the steps and captures the people who had been there when Kiki was tortured. Meanwhile, Felix celebrates his birthday while trying to find a way to get the money flowing. If something is not done about it, they’ll go out of business in six months. But, of course, he has a plan.

When are you not afraid of a tiger? When it is in captivity. No matter how hungrily or angrily or viciously it looks at you, you know the tiger won’t be able to do harm you. No matter how much it tries to get at you with its sharp claws, you know it won’t even be able to scratch. At the end of its first episode, the second season of ‘Narcos: Mexico’ places Felix in the same position.

He is a tiger, fierce and conniving, but he has too many chains holding him back. However, the people around him shouldn’t forget that he still has his claws, and he will use them when the time comes. What remains to be seen is whether he’ll be the first one to draw blood or will someone else, with a knife at his back?

Felix Gallardo had always been a difficult one to pin down. He proved himself to be a tactical master the way he brought everything together. But the moment he became the king of the mountain, the contradictions started to set in. Sometimes, he was too cool about something that had everyone else pulling at their hair. Other times, he would get paranoid about the things that didn’t seem too important. It looked like he would lose it all, but he found a way back to his throne. Now that he is there, it looks like he is at the brink of losing it again.

What is Felix thinking? Is he scared or is he planning something? Is he, now, the lamb, or is he, still, the tiger? Diego Luna keeps up Felix’s poker face and we jump into the season that takes us back to the first outing of ‘Narcos’. The DEA has entered the scene with full force, and the agent that Felix is up against this season is much more resourceful than the one that he had murdered. Kiki just wanted proof to turn the attention of his people towards the drug game in Mexico. Walt Breslin is out for blood and he is not taking any prisoners.