Natalie Jansen: The Dating Naked Star is Now a Mother

Among the various contestants who have come to VH1’s ‘Dating Naked,’ Natalie Jansen stands out for being one of the leading faces of the show’s third season, which aired in 2016. Her desire to find a match was certainly one people could sympathize with, but the idea of doing so without any clothes for the majority of the process did make the whole concept quite unconventional. Given just how things turned out for her, it is no wonder that Natalie has so many fans who are still eager to learn what they can about the latest developments in her life.

Natalie Jansen’s Dating Naked Journey

Natalie Jansen entered the VH1 show alongside David Dees, with both of them having the opportunity to interact with multiple suitors while being naked. Additionally, they were not excluded from being each other’s final match should both of them desire it to be so. Indeed, the season 3 stars hit it off quite early on and started forming a connection even before meeting other matches. As such, the addition of more people within the process indeed led to some intriguing events.

While Natalie found herself gravitating towards some potential suitors, she could not help but feel a particular connection to David. As such, she tried her level best to maintain her bond with him while also acknowledging that pinning all her hopes on her co-star might be a risky move. This allowed her to get closer to people like Zakk and Sam. She also found herself at odds with female cast members like Michelle, as they were all trying to be the one David might choose at the end.

When the season 3 finale came around, Natalie was given the option of either choosing David or going with her Keeper, Connor. The arrival of a former flame from the show also made things quite complicated. However, in the end, Natalie chose to trust her gut and elected David as her match. The reciprocation of the same from the man in question certainly filled her with delight, and the two shared a kiss. Though their road to being united was far from simple and contained several unique turns and twists, the reality TV stars did seem happy in each other’s company.

Where is Natalie Jansen Now?

Following their time on the VH1 show, Natalie Jansen and David Dees decided that they might be better off as friends. Not long after season 3 of the series aired, Natalie lost her brother to a tragic accident, a loss she continues to mourn even today. In an interview with VH1, she shared how David had helped her navigate through the loss, all the while remaining steady as a friend by her side. “David and I, we love each other. We are just so involved in each other’s lives. He’s absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to go through this with and have this experience with,” she explained.

“When you’re on the island, you’re secluded to each other, and your lives are going through something dramatic, and you’re going through it with each other. When you get off the island, we’re trying to make our lives work while we’re not by each other all the time since we live in different states,” Natalie further explained. “But we talk every day; he’s been so supportive with my brother’s passing. He’s been there through every step of the way. He’s just such a great guy, and our relationship just continues to grow.”

Since then, it seems like Natalie’s life has taken some monumental turns. In April 2018, she became a proud mother to a son named Atlas, whom she adores from all her heart and often posts pictures of him on her social media. Presently single, Natalie seems to be living her best life, surrounded by friends and family. Her friendship with David remains as strong as ever, the latter having stopped by Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to visit his co-star during his road trip. On a more professional level, Natalie has been working alongside Milwaukee Radio Group as an Account Executive since March 2021.

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