Nathalie: Don’t Hate the Player Participant is a Mother of Two

In Netflix’s ‘Don’t Hate the Player,’ AKA ‘Mauvais Joueurs,’ many contestants left their unique impression on the viewers. This includes Nathalie, who may not have emerged as a prominent player at the start, but her strategy allowed her to evade much heat for a major part of the competition. Even though she succeeded in winning the series, her time on the show was certainly interesting, thanks to her ability to stay neutral in such a divisive social experiment.

Nathalie Flew Under the Radar and Avoided Heat

Given the nature of ‘Don’t Hate the Player,’ almost every contestant on the show could not help but be vocal about their opinions regarding the unfolding events. Nathalie herself was far from unhappy about being at the camp, but she preferred to maintain a neutral stance and be on amicable terms with others. This meant that she was often privy to the thought processes of others and had some strong bonds that were not focused singularly on being allies.

In fact, Nathalie’s connection with Benjamin Carter was what helped her finally go to the villa, though the moment was seemingly a bittersweet one. It all unfolded when Benjamin was given two boxes, one with the option of direct elimination and the other of being a villa resident. By this point, Benjamin had become the core of the game’s strongest alliance and was always ready to help his friends. While Nathalie was not an active member of this particular group, Benjamin did respect her and decided to put the choice in her hands.

Sliding the “villa” box towards her, Benjamin told Nathalie what was in each box and told her that the decision was up to her. He confessed that he respected her very much and, hence, did not want to lie to her. While Nathalie did not want to eliminate Benjamin, she decided to put herself first as the game state and kept the villa box. Though slightly surprised, Benjamin did not begrudge her this choice and graciously accepted his elimination.

Though Nathalie had moved to the villa thanks to Benjamin, the latter’s allies did not trust her fully when it came to making strategic choices. While Thibault Damians did try to get close to her emotionally, he did not share his strategies with her, and neither did Paula. This backfired on them as the other other villa residents did not have any qualms in being open about their thoughts with Nathalie when trying to convince her.

This meant that Nathalie ended up voting for Thiabult to go down to the camp, which highly surprised the man in question. Nathalie was able to remain in the villa for a long time until the last assembly when she was ultimately sent down to the camp and lost the chance of being a semi-finalist. When it came to voting on who should not be allowed to be in the finals, Nathalie ended up voting for Thibault once more.

Where is Nathalie Now?

One of the biggest reasons behind Nathalie’s popularity through the Netflix show was her genuine affection for her daughter and how she missed them. Presented with such a harrowing challenge, she confessed that it was the thought of her two daughters that kept her going every day, no matter the situation. Her determination to maintain her dignity despite the challenge thrown her way showcased that her way of playing the game was highly different from others.

As for her affection for her daughters, Nathalie’s love for them was evident when she first moved to the villa and found a letter from one of her daughters in her luggage. Realizing that the letter was likely sneaked into her luggage to encourage her, she could not help but break down and openly voice just how much she missed them. Now reunited with her family, it is undeniable that the reality TV star enjoys the presence of her loved ones and is proud of who she is as a person today. She works as a Resource Agent and seemingly prefers to lead a private life.

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