Nathan and Taylor: Are the Farmer Wants a Wife Stars Still Dating?

Fox’s ‘Farmer Wants a Wife‘ offers farmers a unique chance to find love by inviting a group of women to their farms, allowing them to spend time together and get to know each other to find a potential partner. The second season was marked by intense competition, drama, and heartbreak for many participants. However, for Nathan Smothers and Taylor Bedell, the experience was different. They used the opportunity to get to know each other and, upon finding the camaraderie they were looking for, sought to build a connection. Despite facing numerous obstacles and unanswered questions, it remains to be seen if they overcame these challenges.

Nathan and Taylor Had a Same Vision for Their Future

Nathan Smothers and Taylor Bedell didn’t rush into their connection but allowed it to develop gradually. Despite experiencing an instant physical attraction, they prioritized meaningful conversations and truly took the time to understand each other. As they engaged in various farm activities, Nathan gained insight into Taylor’s life goals and aspirations, realizing they both held similar views. Recognizing this compatibility, he decided to invest in their connection, believing it had the potential for something significant.

For their first date, Nathan and Taylor embarked on a rowing excursion, immersing themselves in the serenity of nature. As they navigated the waters, Taylor confessed that this rustic lifestyle was a novelty for her. Yet, she found it surprisingly appealing, hinting at a potential willingness to embrace it further. The idyllic setting provided the perfect backdrop for intimate conversations, with the pair exchanging laughter and shared stories. Their connection deepened over chocolate-covered strawberries, each bit a sweet metaphor for their budding romance. Despite his burgeoning feelings for Taylor, Nathan couldn’t help but doubt their future, pondering whether Taylor would be willing to uproot her life and join him in Florida.

Taylor introduced Nathan to her parents in Dallas, where they received his visit warmly, impressed by his caring demeanor towards their daughter. However, mindful of the potential lifestyle disparity between Nathan’s life in Florida and Taylor’s life in Dallas, they advised Taylor to consider whether she could envision herself embracing his way of life. Despite the lingering uncertainties, when Nathan was faced with the decision between Taylor and Allye Wright, he didn’t hesitate. Though they still had unresolved questions, Nathan was committed to taking a leap of faith and navigating the journey ahead with Taylor.

Nathan and Taylor Envision a Future Together

Nathan Smothers and Taylor Bedell’s relationship is thriving, and their connection has only deepened over time. Despite initial speculation about their ability to overcome challenges, they recently shared a playful post on social media. He jokingly expressed excitement about telling their future children how he met their mother. While Taylor has yet to relocate to Florida, they’re successfully managing the long-distance aspect of their relationship. They’re taking things at a proper pace, maintaining a strong bond, and envisioning a future together. “I can’t wait for one day to say “and well kids… that’s how I met your mother,” is how Nathan captioned a picture of the two, showcasing the solid bond they share.

Nathan, a former football player, has shifted his focus entirely to his ranch in Bartow, Florida. As a citrus and cattle farmer, the demanding nature of his work occupies much of his time. Expanding his digital presence, he’s gained popularity on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. He collaborates with brands such as AG Gear, Nuthin Fancy Co., and Cracker & Cur and actively engages in digital marketing. He launched his Instagram page, Crooked S Florida Photography, with a passion for photography. Additionally, he enjoys hunting and fishing, often accompanied by his loyal dog, Char.

Taylor, a skilled hair stylist based in Dallas, Texas, specializes in blonde hair and hair extensions, pouring her dedication into her thriving business. Leveraging her growing popularity, she’s actively engaged on platforms like TikTok and has established her own LTK store. Collaborating with renowned brands such as Levi’s, Stetson, and Tecovas, she lends her endorsement to their products. Remaining in touch with fellow contestants from the season, she frequently spends time with them, speaking highly of their bond. Her achievements are commendable when balancing a flourishing career with a successful relationship.

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