The Actual Filming Locations of NCIS: New Orleans

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ is the second spin-off of ‘NCIS’ after ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’ The spin-off was conceptualized after a two-part special in the eleventh season of ‘NCIS.’ As its title suggests, the show revolves around the operations of the Naval Crime Investigatory Service in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

To be more specific, the NCIS New Orleans unit mainly deals with crimes that involve personnel from the United States Military or Navy. The show has received mixed to favorable reviews. Praise has largely gone to its stellar casting which makes the extension of a popular franchise in a new territory feel natural. Moreover, the depiction of New Orleans is also something that has been appreciated about the series.

Where Was NCIS: New Orleans Filmed?

Well, it is no secret that ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ is set in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. However, is the show actually filmed in New Orleans? The setting of the police procedural definitely feels extremely authentic and that is the reason that viewers would already suspect that the show has been filmed in New Orleans. Continue reading to find out whether such speculations are true, or merely…speculations.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Yep, ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ has been actually filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana. The production crew films extensively on-location in the city and that adds a sense of authenticity to its depiction of the “Big Easy.”

To begin with, the soundstage on which most of the interior filming for the show is carried out is located in the New Orleans suburb, Harahan. To be more specific, the soundstage is situated on 719, St. Ann Street between Bourbon Street and Royal Street.

The building feels like an entryway that would transport anyone who enters directly to the world of ‘NCIS: New Orleans.’ This building is where scenes set in the NCIS New Orleans headquarters are filmed.

The headquarters building, as seen on the show consists of the squad room, a kitchen and a courtyard. Moreover, there is also an interrogation room on the complex, apart from the morgue that is seen on the show. Dr. Wade and Sebastian Lund’s laboratory has also been constructed on the complex. The entire building acts as a composite filming location for the show in this manner.

The production team put in a lot of time and effort to make St. Ann Street and the soundstage feel as if it was lived place, with a history of its own. They put a faded sign of a stable in the building’s courtyard to connote the existence of a stable in the fictional past of the street that is depicted to exist in New Orleans (not a suburb).

Moreover, a lot of high-tech equipment including multiple screens had to be installed in the building which serves as the NCIS New Orleans headquarters. Plus, careful attention was placed to make the headquarters building look like it is actually located in New Orleans. For instance, the equipment was all plugged in, with the wires visible.

The above was done to make the headquarters look less slick since the production wanted to distinguish it from the sets of ‘NCIS’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’ Plus, it is way more likely for an office in New Orleans to be less advanced and sleek.

Apart from 719 St. Ann Street, filming was also carried out at New Orleans Motorsports Park on 11075 Nicolle Boulevard in Avondale, Louisiana. The Louis Armstrong Park on 701 N Rampart Street was also made use of to film exterior scenes.

Additionally, some of the other places in New Orleans where filming was carried out include the Plaza Tower on 1001 Howard Avenue and Baronne Street.

Furthermore, another tweet reveals how filming had been carried out at Madeville, Louisiana.