Netflix’s Fatal Affair Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘Fatal Affair’ follows the story of a woman whose one small mistake leads to severe consequences for her and her family. After being married for twenty years, Ellie starts to feel an emptiness in her marriage. Things take an interesting turn for her when an acquaintance from the past comes back in her life in the form of David. They used to know each other in college, but nothing ever happened between them. But after all these years and with the trouble in her relationship with Marcus, Ellie loses control of her situation and almost falls for David.

Things don’t go too far between them as Ellie comes to her senses soon enough. It should have been the end of their five-minute affair, but David has something else in mind. He believes that Ellie is caught in a loveless marriage and he is to rescue her from that, no matter what it takes. He starts to stalk her and the more he digs into her life, the more dangerous he becomes. Ellie’s isolation adds to her problem and we see that reflected through her surroundings. If you want to know where the film has been shot, here’s the answer.

Where is Fatal Affair Filmed?

‘Fatal Affair’ focuses on the element of isolated surroundings to highlight the threats of stalking by psycho lovers. The events take place at Oceancrest, which is where Ellie says her new house is located. However, the shooting of the film actually took place in Los Angeles. The neighboring places like Malibu and Montrose also feature heavily in the film.

Los Angeles, California

The obsession of David for Ellie drives him to extremes and he stalks her not just around her workplace but also intrudes inside her house. At the beginning of the film, we discover that Ellie and her husband, Marcus, have only recently moved to this new house in Oceancrest, and have decided to live away from the city. The house is beautiful with a private beach that allows the much-needed privacy to the couple, but also secludes them from others making it easier for someone like David to break in and pose danger. The house is the most important location of the film as this is where the final showdown takes place between Ellie and David. The filming of all these scenes took place at a house in Malibu. Its location is 30760 Broad Beach Road.

After running away from the house, Ellie and Marcus find themselves over the cliff where David follows them. A tussle takes place between them and the fate of the characters is sealed after this fight. These scenes were filmed at the El Matador Beach in Malibu. Apart from her house, Ellie’s new office is also the place where she spends a lot of time. It is located at some distance from the house and is not as secluded. The scenes regarding the office were filmed at 2341 Honolulu Avenue in Montrose.

The film also features other locations like Ellie’s previous firm and David and Courtney’s house. For shooting these scenes, the crew set camp in Los Angeles and was spotted filming on various locations in the city.

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