Review: The Eddy Season 1 Episode 8

After jumping back and forth between the characters in its seven episodes, the circle comes back to the life of the show, The Eddy. For Elliot, it had always been about keeping the club up and running. He finds himself swinging between the cops and the criminals, trying to keep them at bay by working for both of them. However, being on two boats at the same time doesn’t serve him any better. In the end, he will have to pick a side. The same goes for a lot of other things in his life, the ones that he has been keeping at a distance from, all this while.

The Eddy Episode 8 Recap

The final episode of ‘The Eddy’ puts Elliot in the positions that he can’t back out of. After his differences with Katarina are resolved, he brings her back in the band, but that would mean re-recording all the drum sets. In return for this favor, Franck demands him to play something for the album. He agrees, but when it comes to actually performing, he finds excuses to get out of it.

Allison comes to Paris with her husband and tells Julie that she is taking her back to New York. However, Elliot puts his foot down about this and tells her that Julie is staying with him, no matter what. At the club, Sim is attacked, which increases Elliot’s worries about Sami’s intention. By the end, he is forced to face his worst fears. Finding himself cornered on all sides, he looks towards Amira for advice.

The Eddy Episode 8 Review

‘The Eddy’ comes to an end with an explosion, a few musical numbers, and a daring step on the part of Elliot. All of the conflicts in his story are brought to a proper conclusion, and he comes out of it a different person than he was when we first met him. On the part of the character development, the show remains consistent with the growth that all of them have seen due to the circumstances in their personal and professional lives. Julie, too, becomes more clear-headed and settled down by the end, as opposed to the unrest and the sense of not belonging that had plagued her at the beginning of the show.

The music keeps up with the tempo, as set by the first episode of the series, and transforms its tone in a wonderful progression. Despite the effort to keep it grounded in the authenticity of Paris, the show cannot completely detach itself from the classic romanticism that has been conferred to the city, over all these years. It had shown up in previous episodes, and the ending, too, is doused with this sentiment.

Despite the allure of its music and great acting, ‘The Eddy’ falls short on a very important front. The story that was supposed to act as the string tying everything is not taut enough to keep it all together. Things begin to spill out soon enough, and the series is barely saved from falling apart. The decision to keep the subplot of Farid’s death and the story regarding it is understandable. Given too much screen time, it would have stolen the spotlight from the main things- the music, the city, the characters. However, even with this approach, it should have felt more than just a distraction.

‘The Eddy’ never quite brings it together in the same mix as it does with other components. At times, it feels like a different storyline that gave more space to the characters would have served it better, especially with its approach of dedicating an episode to each. It did blend in with their stories, some more than others, but still, the time focused on the criminal side of it would have been better utilized if that plot was scraped away entirely. Despite the complaint, the show remains a unique watch. It is certainly unlike any other conventional TV show, especially the ones that are music-oriented.

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