The Eddy Filming Locations

If you have enjoyed the music of ‘Whiplash’ and ‘La La Land’, then Damien Chazelle’s ‘The Eddy’ is the next step for you. The show jumps headfirst into jazz, portrayed in its multitude forms while walking the unexplored parts of Paris. Starring Andre Holland in the lead role, it is the story of Elliot and his jazz club, The Eddy. Taking a different road from how Paris has been portrayed in Hollywood, the show dives into the soul of the city and its music. Here are the locations where it has been filmed.

Where was The Eddy Filmed?

‘The Eddy’ follows the story of a jazz musician in Paris who is trying to keep his club working against all the odds. From the tension between the band members to the threat of a criminal organization, the show presents us with a different picture of Paris. Telling such a story required the genuine touch of the city. Hence, the entire show has been filmed in Paris, France.

Paris, France

When it came to telling a jazz story, the creators knew that contemporary Paris was the only place that they could set it in. To capture the city in its authentic flavor, they filmed in real locations. Most of the scenes in the show have been shot in and around the 12th arrondissement.

Jack Thorne, who charted out a story for ‘The Eddy’, was interested in the part of Paris that presents the conflict between the touristy section and the working-class side of it. He was particularly taken by the Périphérique, the ring road that creates the divide between the two parts. For the story, he purposedly set it on the edge of it, hence, remarking on the insiders and outsiders with respect to it. Chazelle, too, wanted to take the focus away from the popular tourist sites, and to the “graffiti sprayed wall” neighborhoods that remind one of Eastern Europe or North Africa. This “mix of Paris” was the most important part of the storytelling.

For the filming, the club was the only place for which a set was created. So, no there’s no jazz club named The Eddy in Paris. On a happy note, Thorne had mentioned that Glen Ballard and Randy Gerber, the ones responsible for the beautiful songs in the series, thought about actually turning into a real club. Fingers crossed!

As for the rest of it, the crew took to the streets of Paris, along with several housing projects. Real locations like the Métro and the Charles de Gaulle international airport also feature in the series. In the final episode, Elliot meets Sami at a place that is to be the site of the new operation for the criminal. These scenes have been filmed at Gennevilliers, about 9 km from central Paris. The locales of Bagnolet, the eastern suburb of the city, were also used in various parts of the show. The crew of the show also took to the neighborhood of Réaumur – Sébastopol.

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