Netflix’s Entrapped Ending, Explained: Who Killed Ivar?

Netflix’s ‘Entrapped’ is a crime thriller that takes place in a small town in Iceland. A young man belonging to a cult, called the Family, is found dead, which triggers the investigation into the case of his girlfriend, Lina, who’d gone missing seven years ago. In the hopes that Ivar’s death might shed light on the disappearance of his girlfriend, police detective Andri Ólafsson becomes a part of the investigation, which goes through a lot of twists and turns, mainly focusing on the rivalry between the cult and a biker gang which is much more dangerous than what it looks like on the surface. At the end, when the real culprit is revealed, Andri’s suspicions about the connection between Ivar and Lina are proven right. Here’s what happened to the two of them and what the aftermath of the case means for Andri. SPOILERS AHEAD

Entrapped Plot Synopsis

Andri had been working in the financial crimes division when he discovered that Ivar, the main suspect in a seven-year-old case, was found dead in Asar where he lived with his cult. The case reunites Andri with Hinrika, and along with Trausti, they look into the workings of Ivar’s cult while also exploring his previous relationships, most of whom he’d left behind when he moved to Asar. The cops are particularly interested in a biker gang called Horns, whose members used to be friends with Ivar at one point.

Looking into the biker gang reveals their connection to the drug trade. The narcotics division had already been investigating them, and Ivar’s murder entangles their work with Andri’s team. This poses a danger to the identity of the informant who’d been successfully passing on information to the cops about Horns all this while. While Andri and Trausti are asked to keep their distance from the gang, a few of their mistakes lead to a lot of blunders and a couple more deaths before the case is fully resolved.

Entrapped Ending: Who Killed Ivar?

When the investigation into Ivar’s murder begins, a lot of suspects immediately pop up in the picture. The first ones are, of course, Gunnar and his biker gang, Horns. On the day of Ivar’s death, they’d had an altercation, and considering that Horns were known for their drug abuse and violence, it was easier to believe that they had something to do with Ivar’s death. For most of the season, suspicion keeps revolving around members of Horns, shifting from Gunnar to Hopper to Lars. Eventually, it turns out that none of them had anything to do with Ivar, and they are caught for a completely different crime.

Suspicion falls on Oddur, when it is discovered that Ivar had been sleeping with his wife. But because Oddur never knew about the affair while Ivar was alive and also because he has an airtight alibi, the cops decide to stop pulling on this thread. The next in line is Ivar’s father, who becomes a prime suspect after it is revealed that he had lied about his whereabouts on the night of the murder. He said that he’d been at home all night when in fact, he didn’t come home until the next morning. For twelve hours, his phone was switched off, which gave him ample time to make the journey to Asar, kill Ivar and come back home.

In his defense, Kristjan says that he’d spent the entire night at his office. To confirm his alibi, Andri looks into the CCTV footage which confirms his claims but adds another detail to the case. In the footage, Kristjan is seen arguing with Bergur. This is when they discover that Kristjan had slept with Lina, and Bergur was blackmailing him about it. When Bergur asked for more money than Kristjan could provide, he lost his temper and threatened to ruin Kristjan’s life. He decided to reveal his secret to Ivar and paid him a late-night visit at Asar. But, to his shock, it turned out that not only did Ivar know about his father and Lina, but he’d also killed Lina because of it. This angers Bergur, who thought Ivar had been his friend, and he kills Ivar to take revenge for his sister’s death.

What Happened to Lina?

From the beginning of the investigation into Ivar’s murder, it was clear to Andri that the case was related to Ivar’s then-girlfriend, Lina’s disappearance, seven years ago. Back then, Andri believed that it was Ivar who had killed Lina, but it turned out that Ivar had an alibi. He spent the entire night with Lina’s brother, Burger, who was not in his right mind after getting involved in a hit-and-run. Even though Andri’s every instinct told him that Ivar had something to do with Lina’s disappearance, he had to bow down to the evidence in favor of Ivar, and more importantly, the lack of evidence against him. Moreover, Lina’s body was never found which made it impossible to figure out what exactly happened to her.

Lina’s case was also important to Andri because it changed the course of his career. In interrogating Ivar, Andri had lost his temper and assaulted him. This led him to be transferred from Rekjavik. The fact that he could never find out what happened to Lina was enough to weigh on him, but he also felt guilty for misjudging Ivar, whose life also took a drastic turn following the case. In the end, however, it turns out that Andri had been right all along. It was Ivar who’d killed Lina.

The whole story is revealed when Ivar’s father, Kristjan tells the cops that he’d slept with Lina once. It was at a party when both of them had been drunk and a conversation led them to sleep together. While Kristjan wanted to keep it a secret, Lina couldn’t handle the guilt of sleeping with her boyfriend’s father. She came clean to Ivar, which led to a fight between them, ending in a breakup. The mention of this fight also comes in the interrogation where we discover that Lina was killed the very next day.

Of course, Ivar didn’t take the revelation well. He’d broken up with her and perhaps some time away from her would have cooled him down. But then, the next day, Bergur’s hit-and-run changed the situation. He spent all night trying to keep Bergur calm, and what angered him more was that Lina showed up, crying and apologizing to him. While Bergur was passed out, Ivar killed Lina and got rid of her body. Because Bergur wasn’t conscious for the part when Lina arrived at the place where he was hiding, he never knew where his sister had been on her last day. He happily upheld Ivar’s alibi, not knowing that it was he who had killed Lina.

Why Does Andri go to Prison?

On realizing that the cops have figured out his involvement with Ivar’s murder, Bergur tries to make a run for it. He takes Ivar’s girlfriend, Soley, hostage and threatens to kill her. When it looks like there is no other way to stop Bergur, Andri acts instinctively and shoots him dead. Even though he is a police officer, he is not simply let go after killing a civilian. At the trial, everyone testifies in his favor, and it would have really helped his case if he wasn’t suspended at the time of Bergur’s death.

Andri was not the officer in charge of the case, which means he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Still, because there were other officers on the scene, he should have let them take over and find a way to stop Bergur, rather than taking action on his own. In addition to this, Andri doesn’t come up with an excuse for his behavior. He feels guilty for killing Bergur, and he also holds himself responsible for the deaths of Ivar and Sverrir.

If he hadn’t acted out seven years ago, Ivar would have been caught for Lina’s murder and he would have been alive, even though in prison. This would also have kept the cops from meddling in the Horns case and Sverrir wouldn’t have been outed as a mole. Meanwhile, Bergur wouldn’t have been forced to take justice into his own hands to get revenge for his sister. Andri realizes the gravity of his actions and he is ready to take whatever punishment comes his way. All of this combined leads him to be found guilty of manslaughter and he is sent to prison for two years.

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