Netflix’s Hollywood Filming Locations

How many of us have grown up watching movies on the big screen and wondering if someone like us could ever get a chance to be in something like that? The grander the world that the movies present in front of us, the farther our dreams trail, and it is the lives of these dreamers that becomes the focus of Ryan Murphy’s ‘Hollywood’.

Set in the late 1940s, after the end of the Second World War, when the world is reeling from the death and destruction of the chaos, we follow a group of young people on a quest to change the world by making a movie that breaks the restrictions on filmmaking in ‘Hollywood’. They dare to do something that has not been done before, and that makes all the difference.

The real scene of Hollywood back then was very different from what Murphy concocts in his Netflix series. He wonders about the possibilities that were shut down and the promising careers that were laid to waste owing to the bias and prejudice in the film industry. Through the re-writing of the past, Murphy also connects the story to the present, focusing on the changes that we have witnessed in the years, and the changes that we need to make still. But all of that happens through the flamboyance and colors of the bygone era. If you’ve been wondering how it was reproduced for the screen, here’s the answer.

Where is Hollywood filmed?

Ryan Murphy’s ‘Hollywood’ gives us a unique look into the work that goes behind the making of a film. As much as it focuses on the struggles of the actors, it also sheds light on the work of the producers. If we witness the struggle of Camille Washington to get a part deserving of her talent, we also watch Dick Samuels struggling to keep the film, which is supposed to be lavish, under the budget. We realize that it takes as much effort to make a set as to make a star. To bring such a story on the screen, the crew of ‘Hollywood’ must have had to go through similar challenges, especially considering that all of it took place inside a set, too. The primary filming location for ‘Hollywood’ is Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles, California

In the making of movies and TV shows, the crew relies a lot on made-up sets. While nothing beats the charm of real-life locations, custom made sets allow the filmmakers to add their unique touch to the background. We get to see these things happen in ‘Hollywood’ as we follow the character behind the scenes of the movie ‘Meg’. As in the film, the show, too, depended on such sets for the background of its story.

A lot of scenes in the show have been filmed at the Sunset Gowers Studios. The Golden Tip Gasoline, the gas station run by Dylan McDermott’s Ernie West, and Ace Studios, in compounds of which most of the action of the show takes place, are the sites inside Sunset Gowers Studios. Everything is pretty much like the big “H” of Hollywood that is constructed inside the fictional Ace Studios for the filming of ‘Meg’. The magic of set constriction also allowed ‘Hollywood’ to give the necessary 40s touch to the background, transforming everything according to the story.

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