Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho Live-Action Series to Release on December 14

Netflix’s live-action Japanese series ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ is reportedly set to release on December 14, 2023, globally. Based on the eponymous manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi, the series follows Yusuke Urameshi, a junior high school student who dies in an accident while trying to protect a young child. Since Yusuke was a delinquent, he is not granted entry to heaven but since he dies after performing an act of goodness, he doesn’t get sent to hell either. “Thus, Yusuke is given a chance to be revived, and after passing his trial, he becomes an Underworld Detective. From there, Yusuke becomes entwined in a mystery that envelopes the human, demon, and spirit worlds,” Netflix revealed.

Although the manga was adapted into an anime in the past, the live-action series draws its inspiration from Togashi’s original creation. “When I first heard about Yu Yu Hakusho receiving a live-action adaptation, I honestly wondered if it would even be possible – but after being presented with the producer’s vision and possibilities with Netflix, my expectations grew and I found myself burning with passion to make this project come to life”, director Sho Tsukikawa told Netflix about the adaptation. Tsukikawa is known for directing ‘And Live,’ ‘You Shine in the Moonlight,’ ‘My Little Monster,’ ‘Let Me Eat Your Pancreas,’ etc.

Tsukikawa had promised the fans of the manga that there will be “plenty of action scenes” in the series. “The visual effects we use are quite advanced, as we utilize cutting-edge technology, aimed for the best quality we can achieve. Lastly, from the very beginning, we were strongly aware of creating a series for a global audience,” the director told IGN. “I will continue to pour my heart and soul into the project to deliver the best entertainment from Japan to the world,” he added.

Takumi Kitamura, known for his performances in ‘Tokyo Revengers’ and ‘Let Me Eat Your Pancreas,’ plays the protagonist Yusuke Urameshi. “The original work is a universal and unique masterpiece and a reason why Japan is so proud of its strong manga and anime culture. I am happy to share the masterpiece of Yu Yu Hakusho with the world and I hope we can create something people everywhere will enjoy,” Kitamura told IGN in the same interview. The rest of the cast includes Jun Shison (‘Battle of Supreme High’ and ‘Bubble’), Kanata Hongo (‘Kingdom’ and ‘Attack on Titan’), Shuhei Uesugi (‘Followers’ and ‘Awaiting Kirin’), etc.

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