Never Have I Ever: Is Len a Con? Does He Con Nirmala?

Image Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

Netflix’s comedy-drama series ‘Never Have I Ever’ follows the misadventures of Devi as she tries to balance her academics with her romantic life. In the fourth and final season of the show, the spotlight also falls on her mother and grandmother. While Nalini finds a love interest in an unexpected man, Nirmala Pati also meets someone she can share her life with. At first, she keeps it a secret from her family for fear of being judged.

However, they accept her new relationship and encourage her to explore her romance and not care what others would think. Kamala is the first to find out about Pati’s new boyfriend, Len, and she is also the first to become suspicious of Len. If you are wondering whether Len really loves Nirmala or if he is a con man, as suspected by Kamala, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Investigating Len: Kamala’s Quest for Truth

When Kamala discovers that Nirmala has a boyfriend, she supports Pati’s romantic endeavors. However, she is also protective of her grandmother, so when she catches Len talking to a mysterious woman, she becomes suspicious that he might be after Nirmala’s money. The first spark of suspicion is lit when Nirmala leaves Len and Kamala alone at home. Kamala is fresh out of her laser surgery, which means she cannot see very well.

At first, she feels awkward with only Len around the house, but then he takes care of her, and she is at ease. She falls asleep and is woken by the sounds of a strange woman. Because she cannot see, she is not able to catch the woman’s face, but she notices the sound of her voice. She also becomes curious when she hears Len sending the woman away and then lying to Kamala that there was never a woman in the house.

When Kamala shares this with Nalini, the latter wonders if Kamala might have hallucinated because she was on meds then. However, Kamala’s suspicion is confirmed when she sees Len at the coffee shop with the same woman. She recognizes the voice and overhears them talking about money. Soon after, Nirmala reveals that she had invested in Apple long ago and had a lot of money. Because she had always been cautious about her finances, her family never found out how rich she was. However, she doesn’t seem so careful about spending it on Len.

Kamala notices that Nirmala has been getting a lot of gifts for Len. In return, he only bakes cakes and cooks food. His conversation about money with the other woman ticks off Kamala, and she wonders if Len and the other woman are conning Nirmala because she is rich. On Nirmala’s birthday, Kamala breaks into Len’s phone with Devi’s help and discovers that the other woman’s name is saved as “Baby.” This confirms that Len is having an affair behind Nirmala’s back and is only using her for money.

Kamala texts Baby to come to their house, and when she shows up, Kamala outs Len’s truth. However, she is shocked to discover that Nirmala already knows Baby. It turns out that Baby is their real estate agent. Nirmala had been planning to buy a summer vacation condo, and Baby had been showing them around. When Kamala asks why Len saved her number as “Baby,” the real estate agent reveals that her parents named her Baby after the character in ‘Dirty Dancing.’

Nirmala adds that Baby has been pressing them about putting a downpayment on the condo as soon as possible, which is what pestering Len for money was all about. Baby reveals that she wants the condo to sell to get her cut, as she has a lot of debt and could use the money. Nirmala says this was supposed to be a surprise, so Len always talked with Baby in secret.

Once the air is cleared, Kamala feels terrible about thinking Len is a con man. Nirmala assures her that Len doesn’t have the organizational skills to be a con man and that he really loves her. Kamala confesses that she might have been using this to distract herself from moving away from her family for the new job she was offered. Ultimately, she accepts that she was wrong about Len and he is not a con man.

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