Nick “RainO” Raiano: Where is 7M Film Dancer Now?

Apart from owning the Shekinah Church, Robert Shinn also established 7M Films, a management company that handles social media stars. However, under the guise of these organizations, he ran a cult that forced all the members to lose touch with their family and friends. Netflix’s ‘Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult’ sheds light on the entire saga while featuring exclusive interviews with former members of the church and management company. Although Nick didn’t agree to an interview for the series, his family’s side has been featured, showcasing the torment Robert Shinn’s organization has inflicted upon them and many other families.

Nick “RainO” Raiano Moved to Los Angeles to Pursue His Dreams

Hailing from Atlanta, Nick “RainO” Raiano was brought into the world by Lawrence and Migdalia Raiano, who showered him with love and care from the get-go. Besides being a loving son, he was also a great big brother before circumstances changed. In order to make it big as a professional dancer, he decided to move to Los Angeles with the full support of his parents. During his initial days in LA, he never missed a chance to call up his parents, especially his mother, to let her know about all his new gigs. Sooner rather than later, his calls turned into texts before he stopped texting as well, allegedly making excuses about having a busy schedule.

As his parents continued to get in touch with him, Nick supposedly blocked their numbers. After that, they flew over to Los Angeles, where their son had been staying. Apart from knocking on his door at night, Lawrence also threw a few pebbles at his window but did not get any response from Nick’s side. Following the bother that his parents caused, Robert decided to allow the members of 7M Films to maintain limited contact with their respective friends and family so that they would not constantly bother them. When that rule was implemented, Nick texted his parents and asked them to meet him at Panda Express at 12:30 pm. The emotional reunion brought tears as well as wide smiles on the faces of Lawrence, Migdalia, and Nick.

When Robert was accused of running a cult under the disguise of his agency and church, many members realized the gravity of the situation and escaped. However, a few members decided to stay and continue dancing for 7M Films. To the shock of Lawrence and Migdalia, Nick had also decided to stay associated with Robert’s agency. After that, his parents posted numerous social media posts, asking him to attend his brother’s wedding. In 2022, Lawrence wrote on his Facebook account: “WE treat you 10000000% better than what they are treating you!!!! I need to comeback to LA and knock on the church’s door everyday until we hear from you n provide your flight n hotel info. You are the best man and amazing person.”

Nick “RainO” Raiano Works For 7M Film Even Today

Still working with 7M Films and associated with the Shekinah Church, Nick “RainO” Raiano is seemingly allowed only a minimum amount of contact with his loved ones. He stays busy creating content exclusively with other dancers who allegedly are members of Robert’s organization. In order to put all of their focus on their son, Lawrence and Migdalia have retired from their respective jobs. Although they receive a text message from him every now and then, they suspect they are usually sent by another member of the church. Moreover, Nick has asked his mother to stop sending him photographs. Due to his reach and appeal, Nick has been featured in quite a few ads, including one for a beverage called Rockstar Pure Zero.

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