Kylie Douglas: Where is the Former 7M Dancer Now?

In Netflix’s documentary series titled ‘Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,’ the underlying truth about Robert Shinn’s management company, 7M Films, and the Shekinah Church is brought to the surface. But alas, it could not be before he had already allegedly spoiled the lives of many TikTok dancers by making them cut ties with their respective families and brainwashing them. One of the individuals who fell victim to Robert’s ill intentions was Kylie Douglas, a talented dancer who was traumatized from her time within the agency.

Kylie Douglas Was Taken Advantage of in More Ways Than One

Growing up in a stable household, Kylie Douglas was loved and adored by everyone, but she shared a close-knit bond with her mother and her grandparents. Since her childhood, she’d been attending church, but her priorities changed when her interest in dancing intensified and she eventually moved to Los Angeles to focus on building a career for herself as a dancer. In the 2010s, she crossed paths with Aubrey Fisher, who also shared her passion for dancing. Soon, they fell in love and began dating. In 2019, she founded The Voltz, a junior/teen hip-hop dance company, following which she, with her partner, began going to content days at friends’ places and lived life one day at a time while enjoying what she was doing. At the time, she was hungry to be invited to everything.

However, when the couple was invited to a dinner party hosted by Robert Shinn, she felt a bit awkward, as the only person she was familiar with at the entire party was her boyfriend, Aubrey. It turned out that the people in the room were soon going to be her colleagues as well as collaborators as Robert established a management company, 7M Films, which hired and handled social media stars. So, when she got a chance to become a member of 7M Films, she believed that it was the right path for her dancing career with her partner, especially as it inadvertently also brought her back to her faith via Shekinah. However, she was made to cut off all contact with her family, including the ones she was closest to.

Though Kylie’s worst experience was when she had terrible back pain at the gym one day, and Robert offered to help out. As the “Man of God,” she believed he would pray for her. Instead, he offered to crack her back himself and when he did it, she could feel that he felt up her body while seemingly thrusting. However, at the time, she just thought of it as an awkward moment, believing he could not do any wrong or harm to her or anyone else. Therefore, it was only when the allegations against Robert and his organization being a front for his cult surfaced that she realized that she might be in an unsafe environment. After walking out of 7M Films plus Shekinah, she filed a sexual assault complaint and even began speaking out against Robert’s church to raise awareness in order to help out the ones still associated with it. Then, having gone through traumatic experiences, Kylie and Aubrey decided to call their five-year-long relationship quits by June 2023.

Kylie Douglas is a Dancer and Choreographer

After exiting Robert Shinn’s clutches, Kylie Douglas began enjoying a life without any restrictions yet again, reuniting with her family and other loved ones. She began collaborating with another fellow dancer and choreographer named Giovanni Tisera. She also took over her dance company, The Voltz, and brought it back to life, after her long absence. In 2023, she proudly oversaw her group’s participation in the ‘World of Dance’ too. She even evolved into a dog mom – she rescued a puppy and named her Macy in 2022.

In February 2024, Kylie got to attend the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. After spending a long time away from her loving mother during her stint with 7M Films, she got to express her gratitude towards her on Mother’s Day through a social media post that said, “Happy Mommy’s Day to my role model, best friend and beautiful woman I get to call my mommy. Forever thankful for all you do! For playing both roles of mom & dad so well, for always having my back and supporting me and my dreams and most importantly for giving me the best life I could ever ask for! Love you mommy!” Apart from leading her dance company and collaborating regularly with Giovanni, this dancer/choreographer also continues to raise her voice against Robert and his sinister entities.

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