James “BDash” Derrick: Where is the 7M Dancer Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult’ features numerous former members of 7M Films who have come forward to share their stories amid allegations of the group being a cult. A common figure mentioned by many of them is James “BDash” Derrick, whom they knew in various capacities and who urged them to join the agency with him. His story gains additional significance due to the attention Miranda Derrick and her family brought to the group’s activities, as Miranda was married to James, making him a prominent figure in the ensuing controversy.

James “BDash” Derrick Introduced His Friends to Robert Shinn

James “BDash” Derrick was an established dancer thriving in the industry, collaborating with Isaiah Shinn, a videographer. He had garnered a substantial following on social media and participated in ‘World of Dance’ in 2018 alongside some of his friends, all masters of the KRUMP style. He informed his friends that Isaiah’s father, Robert Shinn, was a pastor starting his talent agency. Impressed by the quality of his work and the following he was amassing, his friends became interested in joining the agency.

Similarly, Melanie and Miranda Wilking, who were aspiring dancers in Los Angeles, in 2019 received a message from James asking if they would like to collaborate with him on a video. Melanie recalled that soon, he and Miranda started spending more time together, and she observed their romance blossoming. He even visited the sisters’ parents’ house. He spent a few weeks with them during COVID-19, during which he discussed his association with 7M and how he was experiencing spiritual growth under the religious leadership of Shinn. Miranda’s parents cautioned him about things not being as ideal as he perceived, but Miranda cut off all contact with them before they knew it.

James and Miranda worked exclusively for 7M, and they married in September 2012 in Las Vegas without informing her family. Shortly after their marriage, Miranda’s family went live on video and alleged that 7M was a cult and that Robert Shinn was manipulating his daughter. Following this, he released several statements claiming that the group he and his wife were part of was not a cult. He stated that the reason they had distanced themselves from her family was due to the racial bias they had experienced from them.

James went with Miranda to meet her parents, and they had willingly severed ties with her family, which was an independent decision. Many other former members in the documentary shared that Shinn had a close relationship with James, and Miranda became involved in 7M through this connection. However, no allegations of abuse or mistreatment at his hands have been made by anyone.

James “BDash” Derrick is Still Associated With 7M

James “BDash” Derrick is still actively working with 7M Films, as evidenced by the abundance of dance videos and reels on his social media, often featuring himself and Miranda Derrick. He is working as a professional dancer and choreographer. They currently reside in Los Angeles on the premises of the Shekinah Church, accompanied by their dog, Carver, whom they adopted in March 2024. The combination of stylish clothing, aesthetic backgrounds, expert videography, editing, and James’ undeniable talent as a dancer has propelled him to social media stardom, boasting approximately 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

James isn’t just a dancer; he’s also a music creator, showcasing some of his compositions for brands like Walmart and The Tech Maven. While he previously collaborated with former bandmates like Konkrete, those connections have faded, and he now exclusively collaborates with individuals from the talent agency. The dynamic reels and YouTube shorts featuring James and Miranda consistently rack up hundreds of thousands of likes, solidifying their status as a beloved duo.

Though he’s identified himself as a model, he hasn’t shared any of his work in this capacity. Nevertheless, the influencer lifestyle suits him well, with brands like Bibigo and Unknown Union clamoring for his attention. Be it the LA Fashion Week or stepping out his door and showing his moves, James has been able to catch the attention of many with his online presence and is an idol to many aspiring to be like him.

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