Ni’Cola Mitchell: Where is The Author Now?

A published writer, an award-winning entrepreneur, a voice for the youth, and the Executive Producer for Lifetime Movie Network, Ni’Cola Mitchell has positively impacted various fields through her determination to improve the world. The Lifetime movie ‘Giving Hope: The Ni’cola Mitchell Story’ gives us a glimpse into the inspiring life and career of the influential woman, with Tatyana Ali portraying her. 

Origin and Journey of Ni’Cola Mitchell

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Ni’Cola moved to the States for higher education after graduating from the University of Phoenix in Las Vegas. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Business Management and also pursued a Master’s of Business Administration in HealthCare Management.

A few years after that, Ni’Cola gave birth to two lovely daughters, Destani and Diamond, and settled in North Las Vegas, Nevada. She was subjected to domestic violence in her childhood and was considered an at-risk youth. Fortunately, she survived all the cruelties life threw at her and became a published author. Given her struggles in childhood, she always wanted to do something for the girls in a similar position as she once was.

So, in 2016 when Ni’Cola was at one of her book events, a chance meeting with a group of girls who had never encountered an African-American author convinced her to establish a non-profit organization for at-risk youth and named it Girls Who Brunch. The non-profit deals with girls between 9 and 17, educating and empowering them to turn them into future leaders and providing them with all the tools for a successful future. Her primary purpose is to bring positive change, create awareness about alarming subjects, and try to do her part to make this world better and safer.

Ni’Cola and Her Efforts Have Brought Positive Changes

Since Ni’Cola established Girls Who Brunch, it has impacted the lives of thousands of women and her own life. In 2019, she won the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Award and made the Forbes List as a Change Maker. Following the recognition and appreciation for her work, she raised significant funds for her organization and expanded Girls Who Brunch internationally.

Moreover, in 2021, Ni’Cola received Visa She’s Next Black Women-Owned Business Grant Recipient. Regarding her career as a publisher and author, she has penned 17 novels and published 125 titles that have been featured on several best-selling lists throughout the country. She received the 2020 George H. W. Bush’s Daily Points of Light Award and the 2020 Civility for the Girl Child Initiative Honoree to add to her accolades.

Ni’Cola’s business ventures include owning a start-up consulting firm called Strategic Connections Plus, which specializes in facilitating the growth of small businesses. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and maintains healthy relationships with her daughters and goddaughters.

After getting involved with the Lifetime project, Ni’Cola has been attending multiple premiere events and promoting the movie in panel discussions. As a result, she has gained even more traction and received invites to different podcasts and talk shows, including the famous ‘Tamron Hall Show.’ She also recently attended the Lit Diaries community’s Black Men Need Love Too panel. With the help of the Girls Who Brunch organization, Ni’Cola has brought positive changes in the lives of over 24,000 women nationwide on the ground and virtually, and the numbers have been growing consistently.

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