Giving Hope: The Ni’Cola Mitchell Story: Is It Based on a Real Story?

Helmed by Alpha Nicky Mulowa, Lifetime’s ‘Giving Hope: The Ni’Cola Mitchell Story’ is a drama movie focusing on a famous author, publisher, and speaker named Ni’Cola Mitchell, who realizes that her purpose in life is to help disadvantaged girls, randomly at a book signing. Having gone through a cancer diagnosis and a difficult childhood, she empathizes with struggling girls. Hence, Ni’Cola launches Girls Who Brunch and holds various events that make them feel heard and empowered while putting her writing career on hold. She is supported by her sister Nene and daughters Diamond and Destani as she gives her everything to make the organization impactful and successful.

Ni’Cola holds numerous events with the help of volunteers, coaches, and community leaders who want to bring positive change. When she is named “A Woman of Worth: by L’Oreal, Girls Who Brunch receives sponsorship opportunities and expands nationally and internationally, helping thousands of young women across the globe. The sensitive topics surrounding the struggles of women in the patriarchal society are quite predominant throughout the film, in addition to the attention to detail involving Ni’Cola Mitchell and her organization, giving enough reasons for the audience to believe it to be rooted in reality.

Giving Hope: The Ni’Cola Mitchell Story Has Parallels With a True Tale

Yes, ‘Giving Hope: The Ni’Cola Mitchell Story’ is based on a true story. Adam Rockoff supposedly took inspiration from the moving life story of Ni’Cola Mitchell and crafted an enthralling screenplay based on her life. He also highlights the important themes and subjects of sexual violence against women and the importance of woman empowerment to make the narrative eye-opening and authentic to the core.

As shown in the drama film, Ni’cola Mitchell is a celebrated author and the founder of the Girls Who Brunch organization and has collected several accolades, including L’Oreal Paris 2019 Women of Worth. Moreover, she made it to the Forbes List as a Change Maker in 2019 due to her efforts for the struggling women of society. Unfortunately, the themes and elements of the movie are some things that Ni’Cola had gone through growing up as a woman of color, and it resonates with many women worldwide.

So, by chronicling the entrepreneur’s inspiring journey and putting her success story in the spotlight, the Lifetime movie doesn’t only address the vital subject matter at hand but also lets the viewers know, especially women, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Tatyana Ali sat down to discuss the Lifetime biographical movie with Media Village in April 2023. She opened up about what she thought of the script and what attracted her to accept the role of such an influential figure.

The actress said, “The script had me in tears, as it’s very emotional. Not just at the points in the story where that’s supposed to happen but at the heart of the story. I was so excited to meet Dr. Ni’Cola as I’d become a fan after learning about her story…” Everyone, including Ali, wanted to find the right way to bring Ni’Cola’s story to the screen without glorifying sensitive things and in a way that she felt comfortable.

Ali added, “I appreciated that Alpha went (with) subtle things to showcase the trauma but not exploit it. That’s what made me feel comfortable to even go further and deeper with seeing the process. When I came on set, I think I made everyone nervous as they didn’t know what to expect. When they realized who I was, everybody came and cried at some point, talked about something that happened to them, and how they were honored to tell the story…It’s definitely more difficult playing a real person. There’s a different sense of responsibility in accuracy, honoring the truth of the story, and taking it from the page to actually shooting.

“….There were times during the shooting I’d be in hair and makeup, and we’d be going over the scenes and rehearsing, and I would text Ni’Cola and be like, ‘Could you talk to me real quick? This is where we’re at in this story, how did that feel? I think it feels like this, am I right, and does that feel right to you?’ It’s a completely different ball game because I’m not fabricating or imagining things. Well, there’s a bit of that because I have to, but it’s a totally different responsibility level that I was so excited to try,” the actress concluded. So, keeping all the points mentioned above in mind, it is evident that ‘Giving Hope: The Ni’Cola Mitchell Story’ is rooted in reality!

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