What is Nicolas Anelka’s Net Worth?

Nicolas Anelka is one of the most prolific French footballers to have graced the game. The prodigious talent has had his rags to riches story, which is typical for many who step onto the football ground. However, Anelka’s brilliance on the field has been overshadowed by the many controversies he’s found himself in. Despite the hurdles, this is a player who’s gelled well with giants like Zinedine Zidane. He continues to share a great relationship with Thierry Henry, and Anelka even commands the respect of the likes of Didier Drogba. He can be hated or loved, but Anelka simply can’t be ignored. So, how much is this larger than life player worth?

How Did Nicolas Anelka Make His Money?

Anelka got his break when he joined PSG, the major French club. After his time on the youth team, Nicolas was approached by Arsene Wenger and shifted to Arsenal. He made waves there and helped the Gunners have a prolific season. However, he decided that it was time to move on to a bigger club when Real Madrid came knocking. Nobody turns down the Spanish giants, who were number one in the world at the time.

Anelka’s record 22.3 million pounds did not pay off since the player didn’t quite find his footing and had altercations with the management. He moved back to PSG at 20 million pounds. Soon, he set his sights on the competitive Premier League again and moved to Liverpool. However, the stay was short-lived as Anelka transferred to Manchester City for 13 million pounds.

That’s not all, Anelka has also played for clubs in Turkey, China, and India. He has been a part of a whopping 11 clubs in his career. After his stint with Mumbai FC, in India, Anelka retired from professional football as a player and has now turned to become a manager.

Nicolas Anelka Net Worth 2020:

As of 2020, Nicolas Anelka’s estimated net worth is close to $22.5 million. He has had a prolific career, and football stars are exceptionally well paid. Someone of Anelka’s stature would definitely make a lot of money, playing for some of the most famous clubs. Moreover, Anelka has been quite a globetrotter, trying his hand at various football clubs. He has amassed the net worth due to his hard work and talent. Now, as a manager, Anelka will be looking towards a steady flow of income and a degree of job security that competent coaches enjoy.

While Anelka’s riches are not precisely known when it comes to his real estate and other assets, we do know that he is currently based out of London, along with his wife and kids. In all likelihood, he also has properties in France, his home country. Anelka also has real estate in Dubai, where his neighbor is Alexei Korotaev, the owner of Roda JC, the Dutch club. Reportedly, Anelka’s friendship with the owner got him a gig as the consultant for the struggling side. Now Anelka has set his sights on Fenerbahce and plans to join the coaching team, which will undoubtedly fill his coffers further.

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