Nicole Anthony From Big Brother: Everything We Know

One of the most successful reality TV shows ever, and a great social game, ‘Big Brother’ is now in its 22nd season running. Season 22 is a special “All-Stars” edition that sees fan-favorite players from previous seasons return to the BB house to play in an epic social game. 25-year-old Nicole Mary Frances Anthony is back in the BB house after finishing her first stint in BB21 just last year. Here’s all that we know about her.

Nicole Anthony: Where is She From?

Nicole is a native of Long Island, New York, born and brought up. She lives with her parents and sister and hopes to move out of her parents’ house in the near future. As a kid, Nicole used to be a bit of a terror (in her own words). She once called 911 on her parents because she didn’t get her way. Another time, she locked her parents in their basement just because they wouldn’t tell her what were the contents of a bag. Before her time on BB21, Nicole was working as a pre-school aide.

Nicole Anthony’s Big Brother Journey

Nicole went into BB21 a timid caterpillar and emerged a confident butterfly. She is known for her kind, sunny nature, and quirky personality. Her non-confrontational ways in BB21 made her a non-threat in the eyes of the other players, although, she did get publicly ostracised by the main power alliance “Unde9able”. Nicole had one ally, Cliff Hogg III, who she worked with until she got evicted.

Displaying admirable resistance in the face of adversity, Nicole somehow clawed her way to the final three before getting eliminated. She won the title of “America’s Favorite Houseguest” alongside $25000 prize money. By her own admittance, Nicole used to be wary of entering a room in which other people were already talking and she would never jump into pre-existing conversations. By the end of BB21, however, Nicole had grown in social skills and confidence. She is now more comfortable in her own skin and more comfortable interacting with strangers and speaking up for herself.

Nicole Anthony’s Career Post Big Brother

After BB21, Nicole did not return to being a pre-school aide. Instead, she started a successful podcast which she co-hosts with her close friend Eric Curto. She met Eric in 2019, after Big Brother season 21 had ended and they immediately connected over their shared love of Long Island and reality TV. Their podcast is called “Hello, Friends!” and features Nicole and Eric sharing personal anecdotes and their thoughts on the current reality shows.

Nicole really loves creating podcasts. She also hosts another podcast individually called “Tea Time”. Both the platforms are hosted on the entertainment platform TVCO.

Nicole Anthony’s Boyfriend: Who is She Dating?

Tommy Bracco, Nicole’s co-star on ‘Big Brother 21’, has repeatedly said to her on BB21 that she would be the perfect match for his younger brother Philip as they both have similar personalities and positive outlook towards life. Philip has, in the past, said that he would vote for Nicole as his Favorite Houseguest over his brother Tommy.

After BB21, Nicole connected with Philip on social media before meeting in real. They both started hanging out and went to a lot of escape rooms together. Apparently, Philip shares Nicole’s love of mystery and puzzles and adventures. They started posting a lot about each other when the year began and in February 2020, they both announced on their Instagram (with a series of cute photos together) that they were officially dating. Most of her housemates from BB21 were very happy and wasted no time in showering the new couple with congratulations. Tommy Bracco even dubbed himself “Wingman of the Year”.

But unfortunately, the couple broke up after a few months together due to the distance and stress caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Nicole Anthony is currently single and focusing all her energies into winning the all-stars installment of BB22.

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