Are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder From The Vampire Diaries Dating?

When ‘The Vampire Diaries’ premiered on The CW on September 10, 2009, the audience went gaga over the sizzling on-screen chemistry between Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert, played by Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, respectively. Soon the fan community started to ship the award-winning actors playing these famous characters. They lost all calm when the news of their off-screen romance broke the internet.

Dobrev and Somerhalder’s relationship primarily received huge publicity because of the grand success of the American supernatural teen drama. Yet the pair successfully hid their love story from the prying eyes of the media for a whole year. But are Ian and Nina still together? Let’s find out!

Are Nina and Ian Still Dating?

The much-adored sweethearts of Hollywood discretely started seeing each other outside of work in 2010 but continued to deny any rumor linking them together. After carrying this on for as long as possible, they officially came out as a couple while on vacation in Paris in 2012. Interestingly, it looked like the two had already reached the next step as their respective mothers accompanied them on the trip. In various interviews for magazines, Nina often gushed over the fact that Ian had made her the happiest girl in the world.

Despite her firm resolution to not date co-actors, the pair had formed such a strong connection that they could not fight their feelings for each other anymore. After a much-publicized romance followed a heart-rending separation in 2013. Along with the now ex-partners, the hearts of their million followers were shattered by the news. A few weeks later, Nina came forward to explain to the followers how they had both outgrown each other. There was no lying or cheating involved; only both realized that they were not meant to be.

The countless fans that Ian has garnered were delighted to see him finding love again in the ‘Twilight’ fame, Nikki Reed. They got engaged six months after knowing each other and got married in April 2015. The couple had a daughter in July 2017. While Dobrev’s ex-boyfriend has already taken the leap forward and become a husband and father, she is still enjoying a budding romance with a professional snowboarder, Shaun White. The couple reportedly started dating in February of this year and are getting to know each other better by quarantining together and going on a holiday.

In a world of post-breakup bitterness and ugly public shaming, the ex-lovers have maintained an amicable friendship. It may come as a surprise that the duo won the prestigious Best Chemistry award at People’s Choice Awards after they had already called it quits. Right before Ian broke the news of his engagement, Nina announced her exit from the show. It was substantially believed that it was a decision of a dejected lover.

However, Nina cleared the air by telling her fans that it was only a professional choice. She had made up her mind to leave the hit TV series, after the filming of its sixth season wrapped up, in anticipation of working on other projects. The audience can take her word for it as the actress is really close to Ian’s wife, and the three often hang out together. Well, the fan-favorite couple might not be a couple anymore, but they definitely remain one of the most loved celebrities!

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