Noor Naem: Is She Dating? Where is She Now?

Also known as Noor Stars, Noor Naem is a well-recognized content creator from the Middle East who has made her career through sheer hard work and talent. Her presence in Netflix’s ‘Super Rich in Korea’ was welcomed by many and certainly added a considerable amount of charm to the show. The series also provided much knowledge about Noor’s everyday life as well as her honest recollections about her past, her thoughts about the present, and her plans for the future.

Noor Naem’s Family Hails From Iraq

While on the Netflix show, Noor Naem opened up about the struggles that she and her family went through when she was young. “I grew up with my single mom, and we were moving a lot as refugees after the war in Iraq. And it was not easy. It was tough,” the content creator recalled. She ultimately decided to start making content on YouTube when she was still in high school. Her videos were made in Arabic instead of English, as she had known the latter language at the time.

Noor’s decision not to make content in English and instead stick with Arabic made her extremely popular with viewers who claimed the latter as their mother tongue. As a woman from the Middle East, she is well aware of the trends in beauty and fashion that are prevalent in the region. She may have since moved to South Korea, but she remains connected to her roots and is proud to represent Arab women across the world.

When it comes to her success, Noor takes great pride in the fact that she is “self-made,” having “started from zero.” Her long journey has allowed her to be recognized by many institutes. Not only has she been on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, but she has also been given the 2023 Arab Woman Award for being Content Creator of the Year. The latter award certainly meant a lot to Noor, who felt like it was a sign of how she had made it and that this was the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Noor Naem is Not in a Relationship

Though Noor Naem is a huge advocate of Arab culture, she has also found a home in South Korea. She even confessed in the Netflix show that she was planning to buy a house in the country, indicating just how much she enjoys spending her time there. Her content is mostly still Arabic, though she now includes some aspects of it in English. Given the significant amount of time for which she has been active in the industry, it is no wonder that she is so respected by her fellow content creators.

As of writing, Noor has about 15 million Instagram followers. She is a bit more famous on YouTube, having more than 20 million subscribers on the platform. Most of her content revolves around the fashion and beauty industry or provides a glimpse into her lifestyle. Sometimes, her sister, Banen Naem, can also be seen on her social media. The two sisters have a strong bond, and Banen herself has over 4 million followers on Instagram.

Additionally, Noor has a podcast called ‘Stars Podcast’ that was launched in April 2023, and the first episode of its second season was released on April 25, 2024. She also seems to have plans to start her own business. Proud of all that she has accomplished over the years, Noor empathetically stated that she feels no qualms about spoiling herself by spending money on things she enjoys as she believes that she deserves it after the hard work she has put in for her success.

Anyone who knows Noor can easily see that she enjoys being around people and is always happy to help others out. Her connections with others, whether personal or professional in nature, have always helped her in more ways than one. That said, it does not seem like the content creator is in a romantic relationship. She has certainly not given any indication regarding having a partner. It is possible that she has decided to keep the details regarding her love life away from the limelight, and it is certainly a decision that she is more than right to make.

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