Nourish + Bloom Market After Shark Tank: Bringing Tech-Savvy Grocery Solutions

Over the years, the landscape of grocery and food shopping has undergone significant transformations driven by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. With the advent of online grocery delivery services, easy payments at physical stores, and self-service stores, shopping for groceries has become more convenient and accessible than ever before.

In this rapidly evolving market, Nourish + Bloom Market, which appeared on episode 18 of the 15th season of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ stands out with its approach to futuristic shopping, aiming to make the experience not only convenient but also affordable for all. By leveraging technology and sustainable practices, Nourish + Bloom Market seeks to redefine the grocery shopping experience, catering to the needs of modern consumers while prioritizing health, sustainability, and community engagement.

Nourish + Bloom Market: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Jilea Hemmings, a Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University alumna, started her career as a pharmaceutical sales representative at Pfizer. Yet, her entrepreneurial spirit burned brightly within her. Driven by a passion for innovation and health-conscious living, she ventured into the business world by founding Greenie Tots. Together with her husband, Jamie Michael Hemmings, she embarked on a journey to revolutionize children’s nutrition. Greenie Tots used to specialize in crafting meatless, all-natural frozen entrees tailored for kids and offered a wholesome alternative to traditional meals.

Jamie had pursued his undergraduate studies in psychology at Florida State University before obtaining his MBA from the University of Phoenix. The couple got into the cannabis industry with the establishment of Leaf Tyme in 2018, a mobile directory facilitating connections between consumers, patients, and licensed cannabis dispensaries. They further diversified their entrepreneurial endeavors by launching Stretchy Hair Care, a hair-detangling device, in the same year. However, a personal experience sparked the Hemmings’ journey towards founding Nourish + Bloom Market. When their oldest son was diagnosed with autism, Jilea and Jamie experienced firsthand the challenges faced by families in accessing healthy food options.

Driven by their experience of having difficulty accessing food, especially after moving from Chicago to Georgia, they recognized that nutritious food is a fundamental human. They focused on a mission to address this disparity, especially in areas defined as “food deserts.” This led to the inception of Nourish + Bloom Market in July 2022. As the first autonomous grocery store with robotic delivery in the country, Nourish + Bloom Market represents a pioneering approach to making healthy food readily available to communities. In achieving this milestone, Jilea and Jamie also made history as the first African American owners of an autonomous grocery store worldwide.

Customers visiting Nourish + Bloom Market can streamline their shopping experience through the store’s app. By scanning the code provided, shoppers can select their desired items, proceed to checkout, and exit the store without the need to wait in lines. Receipts are conveniently sent to their devices, eliminating the hassle of paper receipts. While the store incorporates technology for efficiency, personalized customer service remains a priority, with staff available to enhance the shopping experience. Moreover, Nourish + Bloom Market offers a selection of pre-made healthy dishes both in-store and for online ordering.

Nourish + Bloom Market Update: Where Are They Now?

Located in Fayetteville, Georgia, Nourish + Bloom Market has garnered significant support from the local community, which is evident in the positive response to their innovative approach. Their appearance on ‘Shark Tank’ signifies their desire to broaden their presence, with plans to establish three additional stores throughout Atlanta by June 2024. One of their key objectives is to become the inaugural autonomous store to accept EBT and SNAP benefits, ensuring that nutritious food options are accessible to individuals across various income levels.

Customers have the convenience of ordering various menu items such as food bowls, sandwiches, and burgers directly from Nourish + Bloom Market’s website, with the option to pick them up in-store. Prices for the pre-made food options range from $11 to $28, offering affordable yet nutritious meal choices. Additionally, the store offers a selection of clothing items, including a unisex T-shirt priced at $45 and a unisex hoodie for $60, among others. For coffee enthusiasts, their signature coffee is available for $19.99 and can be conveniently bought online through their website.

Nourish + Bloom Market has emerged as a catalyst in addressing the issue of “food deserts,” sparking conversations about accessibility and equity in food distribution. By prioritizing community well-being and advocating for change, they have set a precedent for how businesses can make a positive impact on society. Their commitment to social responsibility and dedication to fostering positive change signify their potential to achieve great success while making a meaningful difference in the accessibility and availability of food resources.

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