Oat Haus Shark Tank Update: Where is Oat Haus Today?

Todd Kelly, Eric Katz, and Ali Bonar wanted the Sharks to take a bite of their granola butter spread when they presented it in season 13 episode 3 of ‘Shark Tank.’ Named Oat Haus, the butter was introduced as a substitute for peanut butter and aimed at people with nut intolerance. The spread looked delicious and interesting enough to warrant a detailed look. Well, here’s everything we found out about Oat Haus.

Oat Haus: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

With Ali Bonar being a nutrition major, she claimed that her studies led her to over-analyze her food habits, leading to an eating disorder. Moreover, her experience in the healthcare and nutrition industry made her aware of how people’s intolerance towards nuts can be affected severely by peanut butter. Thus, Ali and Eric Katz put their brains together and came up with the perfectly feasible substitute — a granola butter spread. Using their education and experience, they went through several different formulas and tested various combinations before being satisfied with the final product.

However, unwilling to leave their day jobs, Ali and Eric decided to start a side business. Thus, they established their company Kween & Co, through which they produced and marketed their granola butter. Surprisingly, the product was extremely well-received, and soon the co-founders realized that it would be hard to keep up with demands. Thus, they moved to Warminster in Pennsylvania, changed Kween & Co into the manufacturing unit, and began their business under the name of Oat Haus in 2018.

The nut and gluten-free butter is made up of natural ingredients like oats, flax seeds, maple syrup, coconut oil, olive oil, and salt as required. Although the mixture contains additional flavorings for the individual flavors, Ali and Eric pride their creation on being wholly organic and low on sugar. Additionally, the tremendous response and glorious reviews stand as a testimony to the product’s taste.

Oat Haus: Where Are They Now?

Rebranding their company as Oat Haus and launching the product on a grander scale has boosted the company’s sales and good reviews. Subsequently, Ali and Eric increased their workforce and inculcated Todd Kelly as their Vice President of Sales in March 2021. Moreover, to grow their customer base and spread their product out into the country, Oat Haus linked up with numerous stores, including Whole Foods, Baron’s, Harmons, Erewhon, and Thrive Markets, which contributed heavily towards their profits.

Currently, Oat Haus has introduced six delicious flavors, including Original, Vanilla, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, and Blueberry. Each of their jars will set you back by $12.95, although the cost is drastically reduced if one chooses to purchase combo packs or subscribe to a periodic delivery service. Apart from the brick-and-mortar stores mentioned above, Oat Haus granola butter can be bought on Amazon as well as their own website, where you get free shipping all over the United States for any orders above $25.

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