Sparketh Shark Tank Update: Where is Sparketh Today?

Dwayne Walker and Tim Samuel presented Sparketh, an innovative online art course, hoping to land a life-changing investment from the Sharks in ‘Shark Tank’ season 13 episode 3. Primarily aimed at children and adolescents, Sparketh delivers expertly-curated online courses and art material right to your computer screens. This innovative approach to teaching art sure got us interested in the company’s growth. Well, here’s what we found out!

Sparketh: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

As far back as co-founder Dwayne Walker can remember, he lived and breathed art during his childhood. Unfortunately, he was not financially capable of attending proper art lessons and never got the professional coaching he so desired. However, he battled on, taught himself the basics of art, and even went on to win numerous local, statewide and national competitions due to his talent. Still, Dwayne felt that he could’ve gotten further with professional help and did not want any of today’s kids to suffer the same fate.

After much brainstorming, Dwayne came up with the idea of an affordable yet top-of-the-line online art subscription course that will help every young artist unlock their potential. Immediately, Dwayne involved his friend, Tim Samuel, a video editing expert who takes Dwayne’s fantastical ideas and changes them into reality. Together Dwayne and Tim co-founded Sparketh, through which they started providing online courses to anyone who wanted to subscribe.

Despite being an online course, Sparketh delves into the details of each category and leaves no stone unturned in the approach to proper coaching. Users can initially choose to learn art, drawing, or painting before deciding their difficulty level among beginner, intermediate, and expert. In addition to a general tutorial about each art type, the service also provides hundreds of tailor-made instructions on specific projects using particular materials.

As Sparketh works on a subscription-based service, a single subscription provides you access to everything the site has to offer. Users have the freedom to pause their lesson at any time and then resume it later according to their convenience. Moreover, subscribers are also provided with a massive library of projects, images, and other useful materials which can be downloaded, saved, and pursued as needed. With no deadlines or strict curriculum to follow, Sparketh takes a whole lot of pressure off the user and offers them the rare feeling of freedom when it comes to learning.

Moreover, each course is delivered by Sparketh authorized mentors, who are experts in their fields. These mentors are also available to take customized and exclusive one-on-one classes with anyone who shows exceptional talent or interest. Amazed at the incredible response and reviews from their subscribers, Sparketh even launched baking classes, which have been received positively.

Sparketh: Where Are They Now?

The response Sparketh received amazed Dwayne and Tim and encouraged them to innovate further in order to grow the company. They began exploring different art types and have kept adding to the contents of the course ever since its inception. They have also increased the number of mentors on their site and now work in close tandem with them to deliver the best experience possible for their subscribers.

At present, a monthly subscription to Sparketh will cost you $25, while buying access for a whole year is priced at $250. While the subscriptions can be exclusively purchased on the company’s own website, interested people are offered an entire month of free trial during which you can sample their entire range of services and courses. Besides, subscribing for a year at once also gets you another free year which you can gift to a friend or family member. Additionally, it should also be noted that Sparketh has special price plans for schools and other educational institutions interested in subscribing to the courses.

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