Are Okapi Okane and Shi Eto From Love Deadline Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline’ is a show that has become well known for the unique manner in which it tries to ensure that its cast members are able to realize their dreams of marriage. However, matters of heart take time, and the journey to the altar is often a path that is not easy to traverse. For season 1 stars Takuya “Okapi” Okan and Shizuka “Shi” Eto, the on-screen connection was one that kept the viewers hooked, given just how many ups and downs the two went through. As such, many cannot help but wonder if the two have become romantically involved.

Okapi Okane and Shi Eto’s Love Deadline Journey

From the very first day that she entered the show, Shi Eto had actually been interested in Okapi Okane. However, when the time came for the women to choose someone to go on their first date with, she messaged Keisuke “Kei” Hashimoto, though the result was not favorable. Meanwhile, Okapi was asked out on a date by Konona “Nona” Shiba. When the second date came around, it was the men’s turn to pick, and Okapi chose Konona “Nona” Shiba, though she went with Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda instead. Meanwhile, Shi did not go on a date once more.

Not much later, a ladies-only competition was organized in which each woman had to throw their competitor off the paddle boat in order to progress through the stages and then win the final round. The winner would get to go on a date with a person of their choosing. After making it to the last level, Shi declared beforehand that should she win, she would choose Okapi to be her date. Indeed, she was able to claim victory over Saki Kamata, leading to a date between her and Okapi.

However, Okapi was not entirely comfortable with everything that went down. Having been unaware that Shi was interested in him, he was uncomfortable with her suggestions of having a signal of their own. He also felt awkward about the fact that Shi had hugged him hard in front of everyone, as he thought that this diminished his chances with everyone else due to the forward nature of her actions. In fact, the next day, when some of the cast members were hanging out together in the hot tub, Okapi deliberately did not make eye contact with Shi and loudly exclaimed that the person touching his leg should stop.

This took Shi aback as she had apparently touched Okapi’s leg in accordance with the signal that she thought they had agreed upon. On further reflection, Shi felt that her actions may have been too forward. As such, when the time came for the ladies to go on a date in Kyoto, Japan, she tried to initially choose Okapi as her partner in order to clear things out. While that did not happen, she was able to catch up with him later on and express her regrets. This certainly seemed to have made Okapi a bit more appreciative of Shi.

Okapi Okane and Shi Eto Have Yet to Share an Update

After the heart-to-heart conversation between Okapi Okane and Shi Eto, the two started to talk more with each other about their likes and manners. However, this conversation seemingly overwhelmed Shi, who commented on how she could not believe that Okapi was so particular about certain things, which seemed to make her rethink her conviction when it came to pursuing him. Presently, neither party has shared any updates regarding their status as a couple.

Given the tumultuous nature of their connection, many fans are unsure if Okapi and Shi decided to get engaged. Okapi’s initial reluctance towards Shi and her later doubts surrounding his preferences certainly do not point toward a happy ending for the two. Furthermore, the two do not follow each other on Instagram, making many believe that they might not have gotten into a relationship at all despite the unique nature of their connection.

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