Nona Shiba and Kei Hashimoto: Are the Love Deadline Stars Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline’ is a show meant for those who want to get married but have yet to find a future spouse. With a ticking clock, the sense of urgency is always there, making the cast members ensure that every moment they spend on the show goes towards their goal. In season 1, Konona “Nona” Shiba and Keisuke “Kei” Hashimoto found themselves gravitating towards each other and yet had their moments of indecision that left the viewers on the edge of their seats. As such, it is hardly a wonder that the fans of the show want to know more about their status as a couple.

Nona Shiba and Kei Hashimoto’s Love Deadline Journey

Not long after Nona Shiba and Kei Hashimoto entered the show, the two started their love story. When the two got the chance to talk to each other one-on-one following the group outing on the beach, they realized just how much they had in common. From their desires surrounding their future family to their ability to readily confess their innermost thoughts, the two certainly were excited to see what would happen next.

As such, Kei asked Nona to meet her once more in the evening, where he confessed that he had become interested in her. He also expressed a desire to talk more over drinks, a sentiment shared by Nona at the time. As such, Kei was shocked when Nona did not ask him out on a date and instead chose Takuya “Okapi” Okane. As such, he went on a date with Sayuri “Sayu” Fujita. However, Nona later confessed that she just wanted to get to know everyone and thought her assurance to Kei about talking over drinks might have been enough.

During the next date, Kei chose to ask Anna Tsumara on a date in order to get to know more about the other girls, having become unsure about what Nona wanted. The lady in question went on a date with Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda. However, despite their interactions with others on the show, Nona and Kei kept gravitating towards each other. This became even more obvious when they chose each other for the third date and were then able to talk more about their feelings for each other.


In the following days, things between Nona and Kei started getting more intense, which made the former pause. She confessed that she was often under the habit of backtracking when things got too real, not unlike the bond between her and Kei. Meanwhile, Kei felt that things could not be going better. When the group went to Kyoto, Japan, with the decision of the first dates being in the hands of the women, Nona decided to go on a date with Takayuki “Taka” Toda, much to Kei’s surprise, who was once again paired up with Sayu.

Nona later confessed that she often felt worried when things started to get serious between her and a potential partner, which might be why she was pulling away from Kei. The man in question himself could not understand just how to better things between himself and the woman he had come to care for. Moreover, Nona’s opinion of Kei took a hit when she saw him not helping the women with cooking, even though some of the other male contestants had at least offered their help, no matter their actual skill in the kitchen.

Things did take an upturn for Nona and Kei when they both chose each other to spend a night together in a lodge in Nasu, Japan. For the most part, the couple enjoyed their time together and the domesticity that they found in each other’s company. However, for the next night, Nona lived with Okapi while Kei lived with Sayu. By the time the cast members reached Hokkaido, Japan, things were pretty much set in store for Kei. He told Nona he would no longer pursue anyone else and was solely focused on her.

While in Singapore, Nona and Kei were spending some alone time when Okapi asked to talk to Nona alone, determined not to let her go without a fight. As such, Nona had to choose between the two men she had come to care for so much. Things only got more complicated as it was revealed that Kei was to be eliminated, and all the girls had until 10 AM of the following day to propose to him should that be their final decision. Nona did take the opportunity to leave the show in order to propose to Kei, and Kei was ecstatic to accept the offer of marriage.

Nona Shiba and Kei Hashimoto Are Engaged

From their looks to undeniable chemistry, there are many reasons that fans have been rooting for Nona Shiba and Kei Hashimoto. As such, their decision to get together by the end of the Netflix show made fans extremely happy. As of writing, the two are still together and seem to be enjoying their time together with each other. In fact, according to the latest update they shared via Netflix, the couple has been living together for over three months.

While enjoying domestic bliss, Nona and Kei also seem to have a pet cat whom they adore very much. In November 2023, they chose to get engaged properly, with Kei going down on one knee to present Nona with a ring, something that made her truly happy. Presently, the two continue to follow each other on social media, with Nona even sharing a heartfelt post on the occasion of her Valentine’s Day and her birthday.

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