Are Taka Toda and Saki Kamata From Love Deadline Together?

In Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline,’ cast members are seen trying to find a partner with whom they can tue the knot. As expected, the mission is far from easy, especially with looming deadlines and the pressure to propose before the one you want leaves for good. Season 1’s Takayuki “Taka” Toda and Saki Kamata certainly had their fair share of ups and downs during their courtship period, leaving the viewers to wonder if they two are currently in an actual relationship.

Taka Toda and Saki Kamata’s Love Deadline Journey

Taka Toda and Saki Kamata entered the Netflix show with hopes of getting married and finding the person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. Initially, Saki was actually interested in Keisuke “Kei” Hashimoto, and it was him she chose for her first one-on-one date. However, Kei decided to go with Sayuri “Sayu” Fujita, leaving Saki to spend time with those who were not actually going on a date. The group of four went to play golf, but Saki was not precisely aware of just how one plays the game.

Hence, Taka, with encouragement from Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda, started to teach Saki golf. This allowed the two to develop a bond, and it seemed evident that they enjoyed each other’s company. Taka especially grew interested in Saki and chose her to be his partner for the next date, a proposal that left her giddy. The two went on a romantic outing and made glassware for each other that would be delivered to them later on. Additionally, Taka gave Saki earrings, which she could not help but appreciate.

In fact, Saki actually wore the earrings gifted to her the next day but could not help but feel discouraged when Taka made no comment about it. As the evening gathered, Saki asked Yuta Yanagawa if he would like to take a walk with her, something that made Taka wonder about what was going on. The conversation between Saki and Yuta actually went so well that they ended up choosing each other for their next date.

When Saki returned from the date, Taka asked to talk to her, where he shared that the glassware they had made had been delivered. He also admitted that he had noticed Saki wearing the earrings, and because his elation was mixed with embarrassment, he had not made a comment about it then. Saki thanked him for everything and did seem to appreciate the compliment. However, after Yuta’s elimination, Taka could not help but wonder if he should give her some space as he knew that she had grown closer to Yuta. On the other hand, a lack of communication from Taka’s side made Saki unsure about his feelings for her, which led her to go on a date in Kyoto, Japan, with Takuya “Okapi” Okane, whom she had been conversing with earlier.

However, for the double date in Kyoto, the Taka and Saki ended up going together as a couple since both of them had chosen each other. Saki confessed that this came about when she realized after talking to other men that she was most comfortable with Taka. The date certainly went quite well as the two learned more and more about each other and created beautiful memories. While they were talking about their favorite moments from their time on the show so far, both parties chose the sunset that took place during their first evening. In fact, they had each clocked picture of the same only two minutes apart.

Just when it seemed like things between Taka and Saki might be going well, it was announced that the former would be leaving the show. This put Saki in a dilemma, who could not help but be moved by her connection with Taka, especially after their recent date. As such, she chose to propose to him before he left. However, in a move surprising many, Taka chose to say “no.” He stated that he felt that his decision and vague answers had led them to spend less time together than they should have, and hence he hoped to to get to know her more before agreeing to marriage, even though it was evident that decision was not easy for him.

Taka Toda and Saki Kamata Have Not Shared an Update

As of writing, Taka Toda and Saki Kamata have not shared an update regarding their relationship status. The couple’s affection for each other certainly made them popular with the public, and while Taka’s decision not to get engaged surprised many, there was no indication whether or not this meant an end for the two forever. As such, fans have held hope that the reality TV stars might have resumed their relationship following their time on the show.

If Taka and Saki are still with each other, they have chosen not to share the news with the world yet. However, the two reality TV stars do not follow each other on Instagram, which has made the world theorize that their on-screen connection may not have translated well into real life. While Taka and Saki have much in common, as we got to see in the show, their stance on marriage did seem slightly varied, which might have resulted in a separation for good.

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