Yuta Yanagawa: The Love Deadline is Now a Soccer Player

Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline’ focuses on people who are ready for marriage but are still waiting for the one with whom they want to tie the knot. The task is far from easy, especially for the men who are on deadlines and have to get proposed by a girl before being eliminated from the show at an unexpected time. In season 1 of the show, Yuta Yanagawa suffered the results of this rule first among them all, despite having seemingly formed deep connections with others. Naturally, many fans of the show cannot help but wonder about his current whereabouts.

Yuta Yanagawa’s Love Deadline Journey

Entering the unique social experiment while being on an island in Okinawa, Japan, Yuta Yanagawa was initially open to getting to know all five of the women. However, things changed for him when all ten cast members hung out together on the beach. Anna Tsumara expressed an open interest in him, and both agreed to talk later. When everyone was eating, Anna remained upfront about how she would appreciate it if a man took the initiative, even if the girls were the ones who had to propose in the end.

Capitalizing on the provided opportunity, Yuta asked Anna if she would like to take the walk that they had been talking about earlier, which allowed them to get to know each other better. When the time came for the women to choose their partners for their one-on-one dates, Anna picked Yuta, and during this outing, both were able to open up much more. However, the two did seem to have differing opinions about their connections with others. While Yuta claimed that he did not want to get to know anyone else, Anna still wanted to see how well she got on with others.

During the second date, both Yuta and Keisuke “Kei” Hashimoto chose Anna as the person they were interested in, and Anna chose to go with Kei in order to see how things would go. While this disappointed Yuta, he did state that if his connection with Anna survived this, he would know that they were meant to be. However, things got further complicated when, after a paddle boat task, Saki Kamata boldly asked Yuta if she could go on a walk with him, which gave them the time to interact freely.

In fact, Yuta and Saki got to know each other much better, and the former chose to go with Anna’s strategy and chose Saki’s name for the next date. Since Saki had also chosen his name, the two were able to go on a date. However, this surprised Anna, who had talked to Yuta last night about how they should spend more time together and hence had assumed that he would pick her name. However, Yuta thought that he should go on a proper date with Saki, not realizing the conclusion that Anna had reached.

Though he enjoyed his date with Saki, Yuta was also worried about the latest message from Anna, where she asked him what it all meant. As such, he invited her for a conversation, but Anna was far from happy with him. While she did come to talk to him, she reminded him how he had claimed that he would only focus on her and that she liked guys who only had eyes for her. In turn, Yuta explained that he did not want the opportunity to go to waste and had only tried to apply Anna’s approach.

Things between Yuta and Anna were certainly tough, but the complications were far from over. On the night of Day 5, Yuta was pulled aside and told that his time in the show was over. The women were informed that they had until 10 AM the next day to propose to him, but no matter his answer, they would also have to leave the show. This ultimatum made Anna regret being cold during her last conversation with Yuta, but she ultimately chose not to propose to him.

Where is Yuta Yanagawa Now?

For the most part, Yuta Yanagawa is a man dedicated to the world of sports. Having appeared in the Netflix show at the age of 30, it does not seem like the reality TV star is in a relationship as of writing. While his search for love may not be over, Yuta is certainly happy with all that he has achieved in life. Part of the Kanto Division 1 League for the sport of soccer, he and his team have won many awards over the years.

Some of the awards claimed by Yuta and his team include being the winner of the 2017 and 2018 Kanto League. In fact, in the latter year, they also won the national championship. Having played at the national level, Yuta’s skills as an athlete are nothing short of appreciable. Additionally, he works for an IT company and does seem proud of his job. While his main goal of joining the Netflix show was not successful, Yuta did earn many fans.

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