Where is Oliver “Oli” Hamilton Now? Are He and Avia Still Married?

Netflix’s ‘Buying London’ offers a glimpse into the glamorous, hectic, and challenging world of real estate through the agents of DDRE Global. Among them, Oliver Hamilton stood out with his on-screen presence, charisma, and personality, which captivated the audience. He also stirred up drama when his wife, Avia Solomon, confronted him for flirting with interior designer Juliana Ardenius while at work. Despite the tension, His agent skills and assurances to his wife worked in his favor, allowing him to charm everyone and maintain his professional and personal balance.

Oliver “Oli” Hamilton and His Wife Had an Argument on the Show

Oliver Hamilton has worked with DDRE Global since October 2022 as a real estate advisor. A graduate of Oxford Brookes University, he has about 15 years of experience in prime residential estates. In ‘Buying London,’ Oliver demonstrated significant growth and improvement over time. He showed a willingness to embrace change, evident when he adjusted his professional attire based on feedback from his colleagues. Although he typically wore a suit and blazer to work, he softened his look for specific meetings, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to growth and learning.

Initially, Oliver Hamilton mentioned that he was accustomed to working alone and believed he operated better like that. However, upon realizing that his boss, Daniel Daggers, preferred his agents to work as a team, he decided to adapt. When Rosi Walden asked if he would like to share a showing with her, he agreed. Despite a few initial hiccups, Oliver was pleased with the rapport he built with Rosi and continued to work on it. Even during a trip to Dubai, when Oliver got into a spat with Reme Nicole, he didn’t wait long to smooth things over and effectively communicated his perspective.

One aspect that divided the opinions of his co-cast members about Oliver was his growing friendship with DDRE’s in-house interior designer, Juliana Ardenius. When they initially met, Juliana acknowledged that he was quite handsome and mentioned that she might have pursued something more with him if he weren’t married. The two engaged in playful banter, raising eyebrows among his colleagues. During a dinner party, Oliver’s wife, Avia Solomon, noticed the friendly dynamic between him and Juliana, which she didn’t appreciate, creating tension and concern about the nature of their relationship.

Avia confronted Juliana and pulled Oliver aside to express her discomfort, telling him that Juliana couldn’t be that friendly without some encouragement from him. He assured Avia that his affections were solely for her and that he hadn’t considered Juliana in a romantic way. Although the couple had a few disagreements, they managed to talk through most of their issues. They reached an understanding that Oliver needed to change his behavior around Juliana, and Avia came to believe that he had no ill intentions.

Oliver Hamilton and Avia Solomon Are Still in Love

Oliver Hamilton and Avia Solomon have been happily married since 2019. The two are the embodiment of a “power couple,” and their relationship is more solid than ever. Oliver shared that he had been struggling with alcohol and drug dependency, and January 2024 marked six years of his sobriety. He said he reached this milestone only because of the love and support of his wife, who stood by him throughout the journey. He also sports a tattoo with Avia’s initials on one of his fingers to immortalize his love for her.

Oliver continues to work at DDRE and is also part of the global ambassador network for ADVSR.ai, a marketing and referral platform for real estate agents. He was one of the top 25 searched AVSRs in 2023. Operating in London’s prime real estate market, his career is thriving. He effectively uses social media and personal branding to attract clients and showcase the scale of luxury properties he handles. A dedicated family man, Oliver spends his holidays with his lovely wife Avia, sister Amber Hamilton, parents, and their adorable dog by his side. With his professional success and personal fulfillment, Oliver is scratching the surface of his potential.

Avia Solomon, who also appeared on the show, is a celebrity makeup artist with an impressive portfolio, having worked with stars like Selena Gomez, Nicola Peltz-Beckham, and Daisy Jelley. Based in London, she is available for work worldwide. She has also built a solid online presence, boasting about 195k followers on Instagram, sharing makeup tutorials, brand endorsements, and other engaging content. Recently, Avia and Oliver took a trip to Switzerland and Paris, and amidst the serene landscapes, their love for each other was quite evident.

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