Olivia and Jackson: Is The MAFS Couple Still Together?

Nine Network’s Australian television series ‘Married at First Sight’ is a reality show that revolves around testing the compatibility of strangers paired as couples. In season 9, Olivia Frazer, a 27-year-old teaching student from New South Wales, signed on the show to find herself a compatible partner. The experts paired her with a 30-year-old plumber from Victoria, Jackson Lonie.

The sweet and bubbly bombshell, who is a romantic at heart, instantly clicked with the sensitive and kind-hearted larrikin. The couple despite the challenges that came their way throughout the season, stuck with each other, intent on making their relationship work. While it has been some time since the season wrapped up in 2022, ardent fans of the show have been wondering about Olivia and Jackson’s current relationship status.

Olivia and Jackson’s Love Gradually Progressed on the Show

The moment Olivia and Jackson saw each other at the wedding, sparks began to flow. While Jackson’s jaw dropped seeing his bride-to-be, Olivia felt a sense of calm and security. This was just the start as the couple just went from, strength-to-strength from there on in their relationship. Their shared values only strengthened the pair’s belief that maybe they were meant to be. However, while things seemed to be going great, bumps began to appear.

In the Couple’s Retreat, Olivia’s confrontation with fellow castmates left things tense between her and Jackson. As her ongoing feud with castmate Domenica began to take an ugly turn, Jackson tried reasoning with Olivia that her actions were in poor taste. This made her feel attacked and hurt, leaving him to console and support her. While it seemed like the couple’s foundation was rock solid, there were some challenges they had to deal with before reaching further clarity. Their interests weren’t the only thing clashing.

For the couple’s Final Date, Jackson wanted to ensure that Olivia’s nature of holding grudges didn’t affect the couple’s relationship. However, her stance on this only ended up complicating matters further. A disappointed Jackson made it clear to the cameras, “If she doesn’t get along with my friends or my family, that’s a deal breaker for me.” Despite his concerns, Jackson wasn’t prepared to throw away all that the couple had. For their Final Vows, Olivia made it clear to him that she had fallen in love with him. While Jackson wasn’t ready to say it back just yet, he assured her he was getting there. As the couple shared how important they were to each other, it was clear to the viewers that the couple intended to walk out together, hoping to make their relationship work beyond the world of cameras and spotlight.

Olivia and Jackson Have Moved On In Life Separately

Despite their decision to try and make their relationship work by moving in together, Olivia and Jackson decided to call it quits. After Jackson was caught kissing a mystery woman when Olivia was out of town, trouble started brewing between them. However, they chose to put up a united front to the world, put the scandal behind them, and work on their relationship. Sadly, the cracks were too big to mend, and the former pair separated in August 2022, 10 months after their ‘MAFS’ journey concluded. They announced their decision jointly on social media to heartbroken fans who had hoped the pair would be a success story.

However, both Olivia and Jackson have confessed that they were “almost perfect” together but weren’t meant to be, and now they have nothing but respect for each other. After the split, Jackson returned to focus on his fitness and boxing. While there were rumors of him dating ‘MAFS’ season 10 bride Tayla Winter, he denied the claims. In September 2022, he was rumored to be dating micro-influencer Ella Kemp. While she did post a picture of him on her social media account, neither of the parties actually confirmed if they were actually dating. Eventually, the rumors died down. He is on friendly terms with fellow ‘MAFS’ groom Cody Bromley of season 10, and the two are often seen hanging out together.

Though Jackson is quite active on social media, he has chosen to keep his relationship status under wraps. Meanwhile, Olivia chose to focus on healing and self-love. Olivia also became a proud pet owner to a cute little Frenchie puppy named Stella in August 2022. In October 2022, she flew down to Melbourne to show support to her former husband in one of his boxing matches. As per reports, Olivia had relocated to Scotland for a while to live with whom she believed was her boyfriend, only to get scammed in the end.

When Olivia joined OnlyFans, a bitter experience that she shared with fans led her to opt for the PlayBoy app. In October 2023, in conversation with Punkee, she shared about seeing someone but refused to divulge any further. Talking on the same, she added, “There’s somebody that I’m talking to that’s very exciting. Also a bit controversial in their own right. But yeah, we’ll see how that goes.”

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