Review: On My Block S03 E04


Finding RollerWorld money was one thing, finding Lil’ Ricky is completely another. In the former, they did not have a deadline. They did not have to continuously watch their back, there were no threats involved. This time, however, they risk losing much more than had ever been at stake for them before. And they are continuously reminded of it time and again. Monse and Ruby have received threats personally, and Cesar has been warned by Hammel. Does this mean Jamal is next to be visited by their employer?

On My Block Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

After the threat from Cuchillos to hasten the investigation, Ruby takes charge and with the help of the DNA evidence, they come down to four options. They divide into three teams to check up on the people and determine which one is Lil’ Ricky. Cesar and Monse follow one lead, but it does not take them to Lil’ Ricky. Cesar offers Monse a clean slate to start their relationship anew. Ruby is paired with Jasmine and they go along well, agreeing on a lot of things. The problem, however, is that Ruby has developed strange feelings for her. He can’t help but think about her in different scenarios and this is meddling with his head, while the mystery surrounding Lil’ Ricky becomes even more twisted.

Oscar receives a threat, which escalates after his father interferes. He also brings up the kiss between him and Monse, after which Oscar comes clean to Cesar about it. When Monse tells Cesar about what happened and he lets it go, she becomes angry that he is not as pissed off about it as he should be. News from her mother leaves Monse dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Jamal, too, comes to know about the real reason behind Kendra’s liking for him.

On My Block Season 3 Episode 4 Review

With the season reaching half-way, the stakes get higher for the characters, and some revelations hit them hard. Ruby, who had come close to dying in the first season and suffered from the trauma in the second season, goes through the same thing again when his family is threatened. They are already in a financial muddle and a mobster targeting them because their son can’t find a person that they are looking for makes it even worse. This pushes him towards finding Lil’ Ricky and he convinces himself that a certain exterminator is the man that they are looking for. We also see an exponential rise in his feelings about Jasmine.

A surprising twist comes for Jamal when he talks to Kendra. By far, their relationship had only been physical, but now, Jamal wants more. He wants her to actually like him. Previously, he had imagined that she was interested in him because she was one of the Prophets. But it turns out that he is more of a project, an experiment, for her. This turns Jamal’s attention towards the fact that he has been losing sight of his real purpose- finding Lil’ Ricky.

A turnaround also comes for Cesar and Monse who have been on-and-off since forever. If there is one thing that the show has been repeating since the first season, it is the trouble in their paradise. The same thing happens over and over again- they are on a break, Cesar hooks up with someone, they patch things again, and then Monse comes to know about his betrayal, and then they are off again. This trope also stunts their own personal stories and is perhaps the only thing that the show needs to improve upon. In this episode, we see them trying to break out of this routine. Now that they are on again, hopefully, the same history will not be repeated.

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