One of Us Is Lying Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘One of Us Is Lying’ is a mystery drama set in Bayview High School, where the murder of a student named Simon throws the lives of his classmates in limbo. In episode 2, the students last seen with Simon in detention begin to feel the pressure of the police investigation as things get murkier. The mysterious person making announcements on About That remains elusive as ever but also reveals a devastating secret about one of the four central characters. Let’s take a closer look at ‘One of Us Is Lying’ episode 2 and see what else we can find out from it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

One of Us Is Lying Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 opens with Addy and Jake and follows what seems to be a supportive relationship between the two. Addy seems especially dependent on Jake, who repeatedly calms her down. She mentions being paranoid about students of the school thinking that she murdered Simon and continues to remain jittery. Things don’t get better when she, along with Nate, Bronwyn, and Cooper, is summoned by the detective to have their lockers searched. Addy’s locker has a small vial of peanut oil, which she insists is part of her makeup. Tests run on the oil to match it with the peanut oil that killed Simon prove inconclusive.

Addy then finds herself accompanying Jake to Simon’s wake, where she overhears the dead boy’s mother pressuring the detective to find her son’s killer. It is revealed that Simon’s mother is a powerful politician. Addy also overhears the detective say that the police suspect all four of the students to have worked together to kill Simon. The four students, who are now the prime suspects of the murder, then decide to meet secretly, where they talk and realize that someone might be trying to frame them. Addy also reveals that she has been cheating on her boyfriend, Jake.

One of Us Is Lying Episode 2 Ending: Did Maeve Kill Simon?

In a flashback, we see Simon came up to Addy at a party and reveal that he knows about her affair with TJ. Back in the present, she continues to get increasingly nervous until even Jake begins to suspect that something is wrong. Meanwhile, it is also revealed that Bronwyn took Simon’s laptop shortly after his death, but it was later stolen from her. The episode ends with a devastating announcement on About That which reveals that Addy cheated on Jake.

In the closing scenes, we see Bronwyn’s younger sister Maeve in her room, working on a laptop that looks like it could be Simon’s. So, it looks like the suspects have increased to include Maeve as well. Considering Bronwyn left Simon’s laptop in her parents’ car, it was probably relatively simple for Maeve to find it. We also know that Bronwyn’s younger sibling uses About That, making it all the more likely that she could have taken control of the app and is now using it.

Though it is still unclear (and unlikely) that Maeve killed Simon, it seems like she might be the one behind the messages on About That. If it is Maeve who is posting those messages, that would mean that she also somehow has Simon’s collection of his classmates’ secrets. Her motives remain unclear so far, but Maeve is far from being a suspect and could potentially reveal a lot of the devastating secrets that Simon originally intended to release.

What is Addy’s Secret?

Addy’s secret, which is revealed in episode 2, is that she had an affair with TJ while her boyfriend Jake was on vacation in Greece. She supposedly thought that he didn’t love her anymore and ended up with TJ. Now, she feels overwhelmingly guilty about the act and is also scared of losing Jake’s favor. It is possible that Addy’s nervousness could be because of her infidelity and not because of her involvement in killing Simon.

Are Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Cooper Being Framed?

The four students find themselves squarely at the center of the investigation when the detective tells them that the peanut oil that killed Simon was introduced moments before he took a sip from the fateful glass. Therefore, the four students who were with him when he died become the prime suspects. However, when the four meet to discuss their fates, they discover that each of them was forced into detention by the same teacher. Therefore, what initially seemed like chance turns out to be planned.

The four students (or some of them, at least) were seemingly framed to be in detention when Simon died. This is most clear in Bronwyn’s case, who had a mysterious phone in her bag that began ringing, resulting in her getting detention. Addy’s phone, too, began inexplicably sounding the alarm, causing her to be punished with detention.

If the four students are being framed, this would likely make the list of suspects quite long as it could then be anyone in the school. The teacher that sent them all to detention could also be a possible suspect, though she only gave them detention after they broke specific school rules. Though the conspirator remains unknown, it looks increasingly probable that the students were framed for Simon’s murder.

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