Where is One of Us Is Lying Filmed?

‘One of Us is Lying’ is a young adult mystery drama that centers on five students who find themselves in detention, only for one of them to end up dead. The possible murder of a fellow student sets off a mystery that envelopes the youngsters and their school, leading to explosive personal revelations.

The show is based on the 2017 suspense novel of the same name by Karen M. McManus and blends the intrigue of a murder mystery with the drama of a young adult narrative. The show is set amid a typical high school and surrounding neighborhoods, so its filming locations might come as a surprise. Curious about where ‘One of Us is Lying’ is filmed? We’ve got the story!

One of Us is Lying Filming Locations

‘One of Us is Lying’ is filmed mainly in British Columbia, Canada, and New Zealand. Various locations are used to recreate the show’s central school, and filming is also seemingly undertaken in some residential neighborhoods. The pilot was reportedly shot from November 2, 2019, to November 20, 2019, in British Columbia. Production was shifted to New Zealand due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, and filming for the rest of the episodes began on May 10, 2021.

The long delay due to the pandemic apparently gave the actors time to reread the book from which the show takes inspiration, bringing them closer to their characters. Unfortunately, a lockdown in New Zealand a few months later forced the crew to complete the last few days of filming in Ontario. Production for season 1 wrapped up in late September 2021. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations where the show is filmed.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The city and its surrounding areas are often referred to as “Hollywood North” and host a large number of productions. Filming for the pilot took place in a parking lot on Boundary Road, near the border between Vancouver and Burnaby. Central Park, situated in the vicinity, is also used for capturing some scenes. Blenheim Street and West 53rd Avenue were also seemingly used in this leg of the production.

Auckland, New Zealand

Filming for season 1 was undertaken predominantly in Auckland, New Zealand, where the show’s locations were recreated. Like Vancouver, Auckland also has a mix of urban areas and natural landscapes, giving the production team a wide choice of potential locations. This likely proved helpful when trying to recreated locations from the pilot episode filmed in Vancouver.

Less than 10 miles from Auckland, a suburb of Auckland named Bayview was also used in the filming of season 1. Considering the show is set mainly in and around Bayview High School in the US, some signs and locations of the New Zealand suburb were likely used as a stand-in.

Toronto, Ontario

The last leg of filming for season 1 seemingly took place in Toronto, Ontario, after the production was interrupted a second time due to a COVID-19 lockdown. From New Zealand, the crew then moved to Toronto, where filming concluded after a few days. Considering much of the show is set indoors, in a school, the backdrop was likely recreated to match the previous filming locations and maintain accuracy.

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