Ori Basly: Where is the Jewish Matchmaking Cast Member Now?

As a reality series shining a light upon the intriguing yet complex tradition of “shidduch” (arranged marriages), Netflix’s ‘Jewish Matchmaking‘ truly echoes the community from every angle. That’s because it primarily revolves around premier facilitator/Jew dating guru Aleeza Ben Shalom as she strives to find near-perfect life partners for lovelorn singles across the US and Israel. Amongst them in season 1 was actually Ori Basly — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him, his background, as well as his current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Ori Basly’s Jewish Matchmaking Journey

While there’s no denying Los Angeles-based Ori initially seemed a bit douchy owing to his admitted pickiness, he soon proved genuine chemistry and connection were important to him too. The truth is this 30-year-old graphic designer not just had an extensive criteria list for a soulmate but also placed the most worth on looks, making us believe he didn’t have the right intentions. Plus, the fact he asserted he “won’t compromise” on anything or that the #1 woman in his life would remain his event planner mother — who’s his boss and roommate too — didn’t help either.

However, once Ori explained his reasonings, admitted he was going to be looking at apartments soon, and then heeded Aleeza Shalom’s dating advice, it became clear he did want to find love. As for why he chose a matchmaker; well, he’d tried every dating app with the Jewish filter on but to no avail since “the algorithms don’t like me… [it’s always] ‘we can not find any users near you.'” Therefore, because he only wanted someone with a similar cultural and spiritual background in view of the fact they could then understand the real him better, he went with Jew expert Aleeza.

Moreover, another one of Ori’s deal breakers was for his likely date not to have direct Israeli roots as his dream is to settle down and have at least three Hebrew-English-speaking kids one day. Though he’s admittedly not too big on the actual religious aspect — after all, despite the fact he sincerely prays, he is much less observant and genuinely enjoys eating bacon from time to time. Aleeza thus paired him with Israeli-born LA-based actress Adi, just for him to soon shut her down because she wasn’t even close to his ideal of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, family-oriented woman.

That’s when the facilitator brought 25-year-old dance-loving attorney Karin into the picture, especially as she had lighter hair with beautiful eyes, plus deep Israeli origins from both her parents. Her first date with Ori was actually at a cafe, where they were surprisingly able to have not only honest discussions regarding their beliefs and expectations but also a bit of lighthearted, teasing fun. So, of course, by the time they had to say goodbye hours later, they were both cautiously optimistic about their possible romance since there was definitely a mutual attraction and an interest.

Ori Basly is Leading a Private Life Today

“She’s so f–king beautiful. My gosh,” Ori candidly said in a confessional upon meeting Karin for the first time. “…The fact that she speaks Hebrew, and she’s hot, and she’s sexy, and she’s smart, and she’s all this, I got a little bit nervous.” On the flip side, even the attorney expressed a similar sentiment by stating she certainly thinks there’s a lot of chemistry between her and the graphic designer. Then, he ultimately concluded with, “I feel like the hard work of waiting for the right person — I feel like I’m manifestifng it. I mean, it’s just the first date, but still,” which implied a whole lot.

But alas, it’s unclear whether Ori and Karin were able to make things work because they both prefer to keep their private lives well away from prying public eyes these days. In fact, even his Instagram profile is set to private at the moment, making it clear he wishes to have some concrete distance between his experiences as a public figure and his overall career. Though it does appear as if he continues to reside with his family in Los Angeles, California, from where he also serves as the Creative Director of the event planning business run by his mother, Conceptual Events. He actually specializes in graphic design, print, website design, video editing, as well as motion graphics, which is why he often takes up some freelancing, independent work too.

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